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Episode Recap: Heist, Heist, Baby

To stop an army, the Killjoys must pull an old-fashioned heist. It’s nothing compared to what Dutch learns.


War! What is it good for? Wiping out the Hullen enemy before it can wipe out the human race — that’s what. And right now, Johnny and D’avin are going over attack simulations…and they’re not looking so good. D’avin, who’s the new de facto general of the army Dutch abandoned, comes up with a general plan: to get a little scrappy.

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Meanwhile, Dutch, with Zeph’s help, is trying to break her way into one of Khlyen’s platinum cubes they picked up on Arkyn. It might hold some answers. And Dutch’s lookalike Aneela is trying to break her way (through bones, that is) to Delle Seyah, who’s busy getting pumped full of the plasma. Desperate to find her lover, she water boards Gander over and over in an attempt to break his spirit so he’ll talk. We’ll return to the torture later…

And Johnny may have found an arrow to the Hullen’s Achilles’ Heel: a sound frequency that can disrupt their system. He just needs some equipment to make a giant amplifier, which they can find in the possession of a clan on Westerly. And by find we mean steal  from a clan on Westerly.

The two make a quick pit stop to visit Borna, and trade her booze for intel on the Mole Miners clan. Borna and her new husband Jelko — remember him? — give the Killjoys some codes for the clan’s convoy vehicles. The plan is if they can cause a diversion in the normal Mole Miners transport route, they’ll be able to snatch some of those sonic crystals. Unexpectedly, Dutch decides to join in on this one. She’s super psyched for it. Which is definitely not her MO. Hmmm…

And back to the torture. After Aneela finds torturing Gander fruitless, she takes his hand and with hers sticks them into a vat of plasma. She peers into Gander’s memories to discover Delle Seyah’s location. Just then, the ship goes off course, as directed by The Lady— the real captain of the ship. The Lady lives in the plasma and uses it to transmit her orders, but Aneela is able to override them by sacrificing some of the plasma coursing through her own veins.

Meanwhile on Westerly, D’avin, Johnny and Dutch succeed in grabbing the ID card and a retinal copy of a Mole Miners transporter. With those, D’avin manages to insinuate his way into the Mole Miner cavalcade and plants a bomb in the leading vehicle, but he’s interrupted by a small row. The Mole Miners catch a thief who was attempting to abscond with some of the very same crystals the Killjoys are after. The thief is promptly executed. D’avin hops into the front seat of his convoy ready to make moves when he’s shackled to the steering wheel. This is how the Mole Miners do business.

D’av is able to disrupt the flow, and Johnny and Dutch are nearly able to attack when a gang of marauders show up to join the party: Jelko and company. A firefight ensues, offering enough of a distraction for Dutch to go in and nab the crystals. Unfortunately, the Moles get D’avin. It’s a win-lose situation. Dutch plans to infiltrate the Mole Miner headquarters guns blazing, and she’s got Borna on her side as well — she wants to get back her third husband.

Aneela has tracked down Delle Seyah, but before she can free her she’s stunned by Hullen with cattle prods. Delle Seyah wakes up just in the knick of time and saves her lady’s butt. Delle Seyah is also very pregnant with a plasma baby — put there by Gander, using Aneela’s research.

Dutch carries through with her plan, and springs Jelko and D’avin free from captivity, and then heads back to Lucy to start planning the assault. Even with the new toys they possess, they’ll still need to assassinate the Hullen leader: Aneela. That’s where Dutch comes in. But she’s still acting strangely joyful, and D’avin confronts her about it. She responds that she’s born from Aneela’s goo, and that if she kills Aneela…she’ll die too. Ahh…that’s the rub.