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Episode Recap: Necropolis Now

Agatha Christie meets Killjoys when a trapped group of Qreshi nobles start dying one by one. Whodunnit?


We’re back on Lucy. Dutch is swimming in booze, trying to drown her remorse over having killed Banyan and leading the other Killjoys to their deaths on the RAC. Her spirits sink so low, and her blood alcohol level gets so high, that she actually makes a pass at D’avin. He…isn’t feeling it.

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Meanwhile, on satellite of Westerly, the Killjoys are dispatched to Westerly’s Necropolis to participate in the funeral service for all the fallen soldiers. The burial service is attended by representatives from the Nine Families, including Pawter’s sister, Louella Simms, and is officiated by Alvis. It’s a somber affair that includes ritual eating of seeds (crunchy), that’s elevated by the fact that the fallen are torpedoed into the sun for the most epic cremation ever. Johnny tries to make nice with Louella, who’s practically family, but is given the smack down.

The Nine are aware that the Hullen are looking for a fight, but they want nothing to do with it, and won’t offer any help. Or money. Rich people. Dutch isn’t willing to give up the fight that easily, and in the elevator down to base she tries to sway the gaggle of fat cats with an impassioned speech. It’s cut short when the elevator stops moving and goes dark momentarily. When the lights come back up, one of the Nine reps, Malik, has been killed. There’s a rat among the fat cats. Luckily, before the elevator descended Johnny slipped out to try and reason with Louella, so the two of them are still in the Necropolis and can conduct safety measures from there.

And on Aneela’s ship, the Creepster in Chief leaves her bed and the reclining Delle Seyah to fiddle around in her lab. She’s working on mutating the green plasma, making it come alive on its own. It’s a huge accomplishment, apparently, and when Gander gets a gander at it, he springs into action. First, he sequesters Delle Seyah; then he rounds up all of Aneela’s team, and leaves her isolated. It’s a mutiny. Except that Gander and his Hullen henchmen have always been in charge. This isn’t Aneela’s ship: it’s her prison.

Upon inspecting all those aboard for concealed weapons, the Dutch and D’avin find Alvis is packing a stabbing device that, though he probably didn’t use it, could be used for stabbing. So…he’s got some explaining to do. Which he does. He didn’t kill Malik, but he was arguing with her before the ceremony. She tried to bribe Alvis into absolving her sins and the sins of the rest of the Nine, without all that pesky legwork.

And then there were seven Nine. Another rep starts spouting out blood, and keels over.  Louella is feeling sick as well. Dutch has to comm Zeph on Lucy to get an expert on whatever is killing, and will likely continue to kill, the Nine. Zeph recommends an autopsy. Ew. After a few incisions into Malik’s corpse, Dutch inadvertently frees a tiny flying robot. Could it have something to do with the deaths onboard? Sure looks like it.

OK, it definitely is. Because another robotic insect flies out of the corpse of another fallen Nine. Then they put two and two together: the insects must have been hidden inside the capsules that contained the seeds. And everyone took them. Dutch snaps a pic of the squashed insect, transmits it to Johnny who has Lucy scan it for an owner. Lucy finds one: the Simms family. Just as Johnny is piecing together the mystery, Louella comes from behind him and shocks him into unconsciousness.

When Johnny comes to, she explains her nefarious actions: she’s exacting revenge on the Nine for turning a blind eye to her family’s plight and Pawter’s death. And with that note, she skedaddles, but not before handcuffing Johnny to a grate. Lucy’s figured out a way to restart the elevator and send everyone to safety: but it’s going to be a bumpy ride. So the Killjoys have the surviving Nine strap in. It takes some deft choreography, involving 3x the force of gravity, a well-timed gunshot to the emergency brakes, and a lot of chutzpah, but they manage to land the elevator on the loading dock safely.

Back on Aneela’s ship, things aren’t going so well. Aneela’s tried to recharge in a bath of plasma, transporting her mind to a far off land where she has a tete-a-tete with Khlyen. She’s just about to reveal a secret about the plasma when she realizes: this isn’t Khlyen, it’s Gander looking for answers. Just at the right moment, Aneela’s trusty steward Brynn drags her out of the plasma and smacks some consciousness back into her. Gander and his Hullen guards yank Brynn away, and are about to kill her when Aneelah rises to the occasion. She kills the guards and Gander, and makes her way to find Delle Seyah. She starts killing all the Hullen in the place.

Speaking of killing, Johnny finds Louella and, making full use of his gift of gab, persuades her not to trigger the robotic insect currently calling his small intestines home. He lives to geek another day. And back at Pree’s drinking hole, Dutch grills Cullen, one of the Nine, about his indifference towards the imminent Hullen invasion. She figures that neither he nor the others are concerned because they plan to blow Westerly with their families and their cash and make for safer sectors of space before the Hullen rip them apart. Hence them wanting absolution.

But enough business, it’s time for a drink! A slew of Killjoys were senselessly slaughtered after all. D’avin wants to hash out what happened between him and Dutch earlier, so she tells him to get a bottle and meet her outside. When she goes out first, Zeph comes up the alley with some big news: she found out what Khlyen was storing inside the Remnant: brain cells with memories in them. The genetics of the cells are a close match to Dutch’s DNA. Standing D’avin up, Dutch and Zeph make for the ship. Oh no she didn’t! *snaps*