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Episode Recap: The Hullen Have Eyes

A seemingly dead planet houses a creepy cult and a surprising connection to the Killjoys' past.


Back on Arkyn, Johnny's been reinstated as a RAC agent, and meets his nerdy mentee Zeph, who gives him a run for his money. Geek spar! Ultimately it's Zeph who manages to find a point of ingress into one of the cloaked Black Root ships that have mysteriously appeared there, giving her temporary bragging rights…so, suck it up, Johnny. Inside the ship they find the coordinates of the last place the ship berthed — and Dutch takes them there.

Meanwhile, Aneela welcomes Delle Seyah to her ship, where she's harvested plenty of Hullen for their plasma. Just your average Hullen harvest. Delle Seyah breaks the bad news to Aneela that her father, Khlyen, is dead, and everyone is surprised at how well she takes it: she only kills three of her footmen in a cold-blooded rage. Maybe a new record?  

The coordinates lead the team to a wasteland of a planet with an incongruously quaint village tucked away inside its barrenness. It's very Twilight Zone-y. Johnny and Zeph monitor Dutch and D'avin from the ship as they scour the area. All around they find artifacts of Hullen training materials used to teach the ruthless warriors how to be more humanlike. #SoHullen!

Their reconnaissance mission is cut short when a solar flare catches Dutch and D'avin off guard, fries the ship and sends it into orbit. While Dutch and D'avin have their eyes shut to protect them, some inhabitants shrouded in UV-protective gear disarm the Killjoys, who, defenseless, run into the nearest house for cover. Quin, one of the locals who's had her eyes sewn shut, leads them down into the cellar of the house. That's when things get really strange.

In this little wreck on the prairie, people led by the blind Yarin, a spokesman for the Unseeing, are holed up. And if you guessed that The Unseeing are all blind too, you would be right. The Unseeing were once regular people who were transformed into slaves for the Undying, Hullen overlords who used the Unseeing as models for their own behavior. That is until the Hullen beat it, and deactivated the radiation shields that now threaten the Unseeings' very existence.

Yarin believes Dutch, D'avin, and now Johnny (who got off the ship, only to be apprehended with the rest) are the returned Undying, prodigal sons (and daughter) bringing salvation. The Killjoys go along with the ruse. That is until they attempt to stop The Last Seer — the one guy in this place who can see — from punishing Quin for going above ground. Covers are blown, Dutch is separated and interrogated by The Last Seer, and D'avin and Johnny must figure out a way to escape captivity.  

Which they do. It's then that Quin reminds D'avin that he visited three days earlier looking for something called the remnant. D'avin has no recollection of this, but is ready to admit that stranger things have happened — and in this season alone. Quin shows D'avin and Johnny a room with whizzing computers (The Room That Sings), while Dutch learns that The Last Seer (who's Hullen himself) was ordered to supervise the human slaves (that's the Unseeing) by…Khlyen (who's dead). The remnant — a mysterious orb — was left behind by Khlyen the last time he visited, and it's sitting in an altarpiece in the Unseeing's hall of worship. Pieces are starting to come together. Sort of.

To buy time, Johnny's triggered the welcome bell that's to signal the arrival of the Undying as a diversionary tactic. When The Last Seer learns Khlyen's dead and won't be coming back anytime soon (we think), he sets the fanatical Unseeing on Dutch. Just as Dutch is about to get her butt whooped by some unhappy, blind zealots, Zeph returns in the ship to rescue the team and get them out of Weirdsville, Nowheretown.

Back on Lucy, Zeph gets to geeky work. First, she snips the sutures on Quin's eyes with physician precision. Second, she informs Johnny how she reactivated the ship to save them all: Dutch's DNA was the key starting the engine, so she found some lying around and slapped it on a strip. Only it wasn't Dutch's but D'avin's DNA that powers the fleet — Dutch pushed D'avin's hand on the control panel. That makes…D'avin the de facto captain. All aboard the D'avin wagon.  

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