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Episode Recap: Wargasm

It’s time for the final battle. Killjoys vs. Hullen. Aneela vs. Dutch. Who will win? And who will survive?


On the eve of battle, our favorite Killjoys decide to indulge in one last lark: so D’avin takes them to an expanse of RAC-owned land in Leith to go ham. But their fun is curtailed when they get an alert that the Hullen armada has breached their defenses. It’s back to business.

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Except the armada, having entered Quad airspace, just kind of…sits there. No one knows why it’s taking its sweet time, but it can’t be because Aneela’s taking a nap. Anyway, Zeph uses the lull to show Dutch what she’s been working on: a tiny capsule that contains ALL of Dutch’s memories. It’s her entire life.

Later, in an unprotected part of the RAC, some of Aneela’s scouts manage to breach the ship, arm themselves, and wind their way into the cabin. And Aneela has slipped into Johnny’s cabin, and, impersonating Dutch, gets Johnny to hand over the dreadnaught — used to annihilate Hullen. Of course, Johnny knows all along that it’s Aneela, and when the secret’s out the two do battle. Aneela is about to kill Johnny with his own dreadnaught when Lucy emits a frequency that gives the Hullen a whopper of a headache.

Meanwhile, the goons have insinuated their way into Delle Seyah’s cell, incapacitated Dutch with stun prods, and taken her hostage. Things are starting to heat up. Delle Seyah and her goons, with Dutch in tow, return to Aneela’s flagship, where Delle Seyah gives the command to deploy the remainder of the fleet. War is on.

The good guys’ first line of defense is the sonic weapon they’ve been building and banking on. Under Turin’s orders — yes, Turin is back in action, they trigger it, and it activates a kill zone in the sky that takes down a sizable fraction of Aneela’s fleet. Second line is a surgical attack led by Fancy Lee and a squadron of cleansed.

The victory is short-lived, however, as Delle Seyah, informed by Gander of the whereabouts of the sonic weapon, orders the outpost to be bombed to pieces. Pree and his squad on the ground monitoring the weapon are under heavy attack. They close up shop and relocate, but in the meantime, with the kill zone down, the RAC is vulnerable.

Johnny is on the up-and-up, and he and D’avin attempt a rescue mission to extract Dutch from Aneela’s ship. They’re not on it but five minutes before they’re intercepted by Delle Seyah and her goons and taken into custody. Meanwhile, Aneela is having a grand old time beating up Dutch in a one-on-one battle of the lookalikes. While en route to their holding cells, Johnny thinks quick, and tells Delle Seyah that if Aneela kills Dutch, Aneela will die too. He uses the chemistry argument, and Delle Seyah buys it.

While Aneela and Dutch are kicking each other’s ass, Dutch activates the little contraption that Zeph gave her, and plunges its needle into Aneela’s brain. In so doing, Dutch is able to administer Aneela a concentrated dose of empathy. Not only that, but the jolt to her memory helps her recall Dutch's origins: being pulled from Aneela's plasma.

Aneela, softened by the memory of Dutch (or Yelena), no longer wants to kill her arch enemy for the fun of it. She realizes that Dutch is the missing link in her brain, Dutch is the door that opened from the plasma, Dutch is the reason the Lady in the green is all pissed off. If Aneela can get Dutch back into the plasma, she can close the door and prevent the Lady from getting out. Hearing all this, Dutch makes a deal: both Aneela and Dutch will descend the green, and close the door forever.

Also, something cool happens when Aneela and Dutch submerge into the plasma together: the Lady sends spiders out of it. The arachnids were sent by the the Lady from the plasma. She’s been angered, and she's hailed all the non-Aneela-loyal Hullen to descend on the ship.

In light of recent developments, Johnny convinces Delle Seyah to call off the Hullen attack on the RAC, or else he'll blow up both Aneela and Dutch. Delle Seyah complies, and transmits a surrender message through the goo to her armies. Shortly after, the three get trapped in an inter-ship elevator, which Lucy slingshots away from harm’s way. The three must endure each other's company until they figure out a way out, or until they asphyxiate from lack of oxygen.

And Dutch and Aneela wake up in The Green Space, the space between memories. Khlyen's there, and he's full of tricks: like the one in which he takes the dreadnaught and makes it turn into two cool knives. That's a cool one. Together, the three set off to hunt down the Lady, and put an end to this madness.