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Episode Recap: Greening Pains

With D’av’s new born son’s life on the line, the trio take desperate measures to save him.


We're on Lucy, and in the bay, Dutch is having some nightmares — memories of her past. When she wakes up, D'av is right by her side, keeping an eye on her. Well, more than just an eye. Almost as soon as they see each other, they're making out. hard. It sure is a balm during such a troubling time. 

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But outside the cabin, things aren't so romantic. Everyone on board the ship is put on high alert when D'avin and Delle Seyah's child goes missing. Turns out, he walked before he crawled, and grew up way too fast way too soon. Literally. Before he was a couple ounces, now he's a toddler. And it's only been a few minutes. 

Zeph runs some tests and discovers that the Hullen cells in the young boy's body identify human cells as inferior, and requiring immediate culling and regeneration, thus causing him to grow up at such an extreme speed. Zeph needs to get him back to her lab on the armada if there's any hope of slowing down his aging. But that's likely not going to happen with all those Hullen on board. 

Meanwhile, something weird is happening on Westerly: children are going missing. Hullen, or something, are scouring the city looking for the first natural born Hullen — to get straight to the source. And the armada has lost all power, thanks to the green goo solidifying on them, so Turin sends Fancy Lee to go investigate on Westerly solo.

And Dutch refuses the crew to allow them to return to the Quad — that's exactly where the Lady will be waiting for them. So to save the child, the team is going to need a bioweapons expert. Pip knows a guy named... Kravn. On a planet called... Utopia. Pip, you have GOT to get yourself some better friends. Join a sewing circle or something. So the Killjoys plus Pip land on Utopia ready to parlay with Kravn, but despite a handsome bribe, he won't see them. That was a waste of a trip. Or was it?

Fancy Lee and Gared interview the mother of one of the abducted children, and find that whoever is doing the deed has been leaving some inhuman fingerprints and strange energy traces behind — literally red handed. It's a clue! 

And since this Kravn fellow won't give up the goods easily, D'avin and the team plan a heist/kidnapping. First phase: D'avin provides the distraction of a robbery. Meanwhile, Johnny and Dutch wiggle through the ductwork and land right outside Kravn's office, waiting for the man himself to arrive. Time is ticking. The kid is in duress. But Dutch and Johnny get a surprise while waiting for Kravn: he's already there. No, he's not in the room. He is the room. Kraven uploaded his consciousness to the computer, Johnny Depp style. When Kravn emits nerve gas into the room, Dutch and Johnny must act quickly to improvise some gas masks. They only have a few minutes to deactivate the trap — but it's all they need.  

The Hullen on board the armada have woken up, and marching in formation. Before Turin can fire a few rounds that trigger their counterattack, his own former Hullen prisoner stops him, and saves his life. But they're too late: the Hullen have hijacked the ships, and flying them to who knows where.

Johnny managed to download Kravn from his smart room, and then re-upload him to his OS on Lucy. Upgrade! Just as Lucy and Kravn tag-team a solution to the boy's genetics problem, they find out: Pip has kidnapped him and brought him to Utopia. Why? That parasite in Pip has taken over his mind.

And Fancy Lee and Gared, Pree's boyfriend, have teamed up and are sneaking around the Quad when they spot a group of hooded thugs breaking into hovels and stealing kids. Probably their target. When they attempt to intervene, Fancy Lee is knocked out and Gared is taken in. When Gared wakes up, he finds himself in a cell with all the abducted children. Is he the entertainment for this somber slumber party?

The Killjoys manage to intercept Pippin before he can do anything rash to the kid, and bring them both back to the ship. He just needed a good talking to, and a headbutt from D'av. The Killjoys get the kid inside a chamber and wash him down with a vapor meant to stabilize his genes. It works, and D'av the dad couldn't be happier.

While the three Killjoys are sharing a celebratory drink, Dutch asks Johnny again if there's anything he hasn't told her about that memory she's got. Turns out, there's an inconsistency in the way they remember things. That assassin they fended off? Dutch remembers it was a woman, but Johnny knows it was a guy. Looks like Khlyen implanted a code in Dutch's memory — a code the Lady wants access to.