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Episode Recap: It Takes a Pillage

An awkward Jaqobis homecoming takes a deadly turn as Dutch and Zeph risk everything for science.


When we last left our Killjoys, Dutch and Johnny had picked up a signal from D'av's escape ship in... Tella. What's Tella, you ask? It's the Jaqobis's home planet. D'av has taken Jaq here to keep him safe. But not long after they arrive, they're getting shot at. So not that safe. By who? By grandpa Jaqobis, of course! It's a welcome party. 

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Well, looks like the old codger has changed his ways somewhat over the years, except for the trigger happy finger. He stopped drinking, he cleaned up the family bunker, and he's graciously extended it to D'av and Jaq as shelter when the imminent silica storm hits the planet. Still, there's some inter-family tension there.

Meanwhile, on Lucy, Dutch shows a hologram-Zeph the capsule Khlyen developed to destroy the green pool. But when Zeph puts it under analysis, she finds that inside is a spore, and that it's decaying fast. They need to pull apart the chemicals inside the spore, and replicate them, in order to keep it alive. That's going to take a lot of gravity. Like, a cosmic ton of gravity. 

Back on Tella, when poppa Jaqobis sends Jaq down through the tunnels to fetch him back a tool, Johnny is there to nab him, and whisk him away before the incoming Hullen have a chance to. Because, suprise, the Hullen are here. And they've descended onto the ship, and cut the power, trying to smoke the Jaqobis out. It's only a matter of time before the silica permeates the airspace, unless Johnny can figure out a stopgap.  

While D'av goes off with his pops to defend against the Hullen invaders, Johnny is left with Jaq to hold down the ship. It's then that a stranger descends the hatch, and reveals herself to be Charlie Fulford, a sheriff and apparent paramour of Johnny's past.  She's become an underpaid bureaucrat, and she totally loves it! 

D'av and papa Jaqobis have three Hullen on their tails. Papa Jaqobis opens fire, but it's futile: he's never gone up against something that gets up after it's shot. And D'avin gets hit with a flash grenade, and is stunned, while his dad gets taken in. When D'av comes to, he interrogates a detained Hullen. Conversation is electric, as D'av tortures him with a handy prod. The Hullen doesn't say much before the kill chip implanted into his neck activates. But he does say that Jaq isn't just any child: he's the beginning of it all. What does that mean? When D'av comes back from the torture chamber, he has some hard news to break: the Hullen want to trade Jaq for grandpa. That's not going to happen, so they've got to come up with an alternative.

Dutch takes the spore capsule into a small craft, and pilots it around a sun — way too closely for comfort — in order to use the gravitational pull to drag apart the atoms. She succeeds, and Zeph is able to analyze the contents of that capsule, but Dutch ends up going unconscious in the process. So, a return flight is uncertain.  

D'av and Johnny make their descent into the bowels of the stronghold to find their dad and spring him free. They find pops, but it's a trap. Charlie? She's not Johnny's friend. She's working with the Hullen to pay some extra bills, and now she's got Jaq.  

Well, all the Jaqobis are back together — bound to the same drainage pipe that is! The Hullen tie the three of them together, and, to make their murders look like an accident (and save her skin), Charlie orders that the gas pipes be turned on to let in the noxious silica gas. This one's a tight spot for the boys. But if they can only put their heads together, they can have a really good fight. 

Zeph has figured out a way to hologram her way into Dutch's cockpit, and then use electromagnetic energy from her transmission to cause the fire alarm to activate, thereby waking Dutch up. It's pretty awesome. Dutch snaps back into action, and retakes control of her ship to fly it back to safety.  

And a captive Jaq figures out how to break free of his binds, and dispatch with the Hullen standing guard. The force is certainly strong with this one. He returns to release the rest of the Jaqobis from their cell, and he's brought gifts: guns. The whole family reunites to kick some Hullen booty. Well, all but papa Jaqobis: they leave his abusive ass behind. Once outside, Johnny finds Charlie and she makes one last plea for leniency. He's not giving it to her: he ties her up. 

Ever thus to traitors. Back on Lucy, Johnny and Jaq have a heart to heart. Jaq wants to understand why the Hullen are hunting him, and so he offers up the amulet that Delle Seyah gave him before she skeedaddled. Both Johnny and Jaq think that maybe it would be best for him to use the necklace and find a safe haven.  And Dutch and D'av have their own heart-to-heart, which in this case turns into a lip-to-lip. They reconcile, and get back on the same page. But it doesn't last long: Dutch falls down in agony, bearing her back. Strange markings are starting to appear on it, and she's in terrible pain. Looks like Aneela is losing strength.