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Episode Recap: Johnny Dangerously

With criminals chasing an injured Johnny, D'av and Delle Seyah take drastic measures to save him. 


While Dutch, Aneela and Khlyen were transported to the green space, Johnny, D'avin and Delle Seyah were jettisoned to... a salt flat in the middle of NOWHERE. The trio are befallen by a crew of bandits, and though Delle Seyah and D'avin fend them off, Johnny's punctured lung takes a beating, and he goes down. They manage to lug Johnny to a local depot replete with medical supplies, and pump him full of adrenaline to get him breathing again, but the prognosis isn’t good. Delle Seyah decides that the only long-term solution to Johnny's invalidity is to turn him... half-Hullen with an injection of the Green Plasma. Johnny permits it for the sake of finding Dutch. But there will be some serious consequences.  

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Meanwhile, on the RAC, Zeph and Pippin make a daring escape to elude their Hullen captors, and ultimately find themselves back with Turin, Pree and the rest of the gang. Also, there’s an army of deactivated Hullen on-board that Turin refuses to space — he’s going through a moral renaissance, or something. Zeph is surprised. She's also doubly surprised to hear that the rest of her team is currently AWOL after they landed on the Necropolis. Zeph is determined to go find them, but they’re going to need a ship to get there. That’s where the cube comes in.    

When the Killjoys and Delle Seyah emerge from the operating room, the tribe that had been occupying the depot up to now make them an offer: in exchange for a ship and some supplies, the Killjoys will help them fend off some overseers who'll be arriving any minute to call in some debts they can't pay. Everyone gets what they want. When the overseers arrive, D'avin takes the wheel in trying to renegotiate their deal — very magnanimous of him. But it goes awry when one of the laborers tries to throw the Killjoys under the bus, and trade them in exchange for their freedom. Johnny summons his new Hullen powers to ice all those hostiles with guns, and thinks he's got this figured out: this was a prison colony, and the "laborers" were going to trade their time for the Killjoys'. He’s sort of right. This is a farm, but it’s an organ farm, and these people are getting their guts harvested.  Understandable why they’d want to switch places. With the overseers knocked out, their higher-ups are going to be swarming the place in about five minutes, this time with more ammunition. D'av's ready for them.  

With the help of a former Scarback to guide the way, Zeph and Pippin make their way to the Necropolis in the now-functioning cube. The Scarback properly buries the rest of them who were so unceremoniously slaughtered, while Pippin scrapes footage from the Necropolis’s surveillance system. With Pippin’s back turned, a surviving member of the Necropolis is able to tackle him and put a mechanical spider down his throat. Definitely an elected operation.    

Johnny, who’s been acting weirder and weirder since the plasma transfusion, has jerry-rigged a homing beacon to call Lucy to get them out of this mess, and he just needs to activate it. But both Delle Seyah and D'av agree that Johnny should stay and fight, and let Delle Seyah plant the beacon in the storage unit. That was a good idea in theory, because Johnny is acting cray-zay. After D'av and Johnny have finished battening down the hatches, Johnny knocks D'av out — part one of his plan. Part two? That homing beacon: it wasn't signaling to Lucy. It was signaling to the militia for the organ farm owners, who swarm the compound. Johnny set up this whole thing so he could escape (with D’avin) by truck and go find that pool of Green Plasma. He needs his fix.  

Back on the RAC, Pip and Zeph disclose their findings, that the Killjoys took a dip in that green plasma pool on the Necropolis. But here's the good news: Lucy's been tracking the Jacobis this whole time. Find Lucy, find the rest. It won't be easy.