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Episode Recap: O Mother, Where Art Thou?

With D’av and Jaq on the run, Dutch and John hunt the answer to Khlyen’s memory clue.


With D'av and Jaq on a one-way ticket off Lucy, and Pip and Zeph headed to the armada, Dutch and Johnny are left to their own devices to hunt down this assassin who happens to be the clue to unraveling Dutch's memory and defeating the Lady. Johnny gets to work on setting course for a beaming pulsar that seems to be coming right from her location.

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But the same effect can be achieved with a flashback: 250 years ago, on Arkyn, the woman, named Yalena, and Khlyen were married. Or, if they weren't married, at the very least they were physically active — because Yalena is Aneela's mum. In this time period, Aneela is quite sick, possibly dying, and Yalena is freaking out. And Khlyen? He's acting very strangely, and she can't seem to figure out why.  

Meanwhile, Pree hunts down Gared who's about to get whooped by a couple of Hullen guards. But Pree takes off his earrings, and avenges his hubbie. But that's just the beginning: Pree finds out that the Hullen have been mentally torturing Gared, and others. Gared's he's lost nearly all his short-term memory. This calls for some major payback.

And Dutch and Johnny may have found the pulsar they were looking for. Though it comes with a catch: it starts to lure Lucy into the black hole that created it. Thankfully, it's only a fake black hole, and was set up to camouflage the pulsar, and the planet underneath. Johnny and Dutch make it through the black hole, and land more or less intact. Now the fun begins.  

In the past, Khlyen has taken Yalena to the same exact spot, passing through the pulsar. But suspiciously, his body shows no signs of wear and tear, whereas hers does. So Yalena shoots Khlyen. But his body rebuilds itself. Ah, the green goo. Now it's all coming together. 

Back in the present, Dutch is walking the very same path that Khlyen and Yalena once took. Only now, the place is inhabited by people with spears and White Blade patches  who don't take kindly to Dutch's presence, or that a ship has landed on their planet. But when Dutch says the magic words, "I am Khlyen's daughter", the welcome committee lower their spears, and take her to their stronghold. After all, these people are trained to follow custom.

But back on Lucy, one of the White Blade assassins has got Johnny at the fatal end of a spear. He's a bit upset when he hears that the Killjoys have killed his assassin buddy (or rather, that he committed suicide under duress). In the nick of time, Lucy electrocutes the floor just as Johnny's feet are off it, incapacitating the assassin. And deep within the sanctum sanctorum Dutch is led to Yalena, who thinks she's Aneela, her daughter. Boy, is she upset to find that Dutch is not.

Once inside the control center, Pree and Gared, with the help of Turin back on the armada, hack into the Hullen comms, and provide eyes throughout the whole surveillance system. When Gared gets a look at the kids through the surveillance cameras, he swears that they must come back to save them. In time, in time...

Johnny finds the device the White Blade used to mimic the black hole. He can reverse  program it so that it opens a small window through which he and Dutch can escape... but any longer, and it will crush them under the weight of immense gravity. Back on the Armada, Turin is planning to infiltrate the Hullen laboratory and bring back Pree and Gared. But Turin's Hullen henchman knows this is a really bad idea, and stops him the only way he knows how: by bashing Turin over the head. He, in turn, drops in on Pree and Gared, and springs them from the ship. Looks like he's got a heart after all! A Hullen heart, but a heart nonetheless.

Yalena takes Dutch into the caves where once existed a green plasma pool. Now, it's all solidified, thanks to Khlyen's interventions. But Dutch assures Yalena that though the plasma pool is stagnant, the Lady is still very much a threat.  So, apparently is Yalena. She sticks something in Dutch's neck that knocks her out.

When she wakes up, Dutch finds herself confined in a sarcophagus to presumably keep her safe. She bursts out of it, and returns to the inner sanctum to find Yalena back at the green plasma pool (which is more like a tub of jello) ready to use a chemical bomb given to her by Khlyen to put an end to it forever. But Dutch returns, and convinces her to wait, at least until they can save Aneela from the green. If she can't, however, then it's curtains for both the Lady and Aneela. 

Dutch and Johnny make it out just in time, before the fake black hole really collapses and traps them. Dutch has the chemical capsule in her hand — but hopefully she won't have to use it just yet. And back on the armada, the Killjoys have got eyes on what's going on back on the Hullen craft. Looks like the Lady is directing her agents outside the green to harvest plasma directly from draining bodies — enough to construct herself an exit.

And Dutch and Johnny receive a response to the message they shot D'av earlier. But it's not from D'avin. It's from an unidentified blackroot ship, most likely being helmed by Hullen. They're after Jaq.