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Episode Recap: The Kids Are Alright

Team Awesome Force sneak onto the RAC to rescue Westerly’s stolen children. Zeph and Pip grow closer.


D'av and Johnny have used the amulet Delle Seyah gave Jaq (then Ozzman) for safekeeping to track mom down because, hey, moms protect their kids with their lives. Daddy D'av unloads the rest of Jaq's things with mom, while she tells Johnny the extent of her plan to take back the rest of The Nine. She knows about the spore weapon, too, and she's going to use it to defeat the Lady. And it turns out that saying goodbye to his son, even if it's only temporary, is way harder for D'av than he thought it would be. 

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But apparently it doesn't hurt as badly as it hurts Dutch to have Aneela losing the fight against the Lady. She's in agony, and the scars on her back are only worsening. Meanwhile, back on the armada, the Killjoys have arrived just in time to hear Turin's plan for total war on the Hullen-occupied RAC. His strategy, which involves sending his well-trained human soldiers on-board to defeat the Hullen and save the abducted kids, rubs Dutch the wrong way. She wants to be on the front lines to kill the Lady, not scare her away with this reclamation mission. They're at an impasse.   

Onto the mission! There's a forcefield protecting the RAC, and the Killjoys are going to have throw everything they've got at it to punch a hole through it and get those kids back. Dutch shows Zeph her new scars, and the wonk tells her that they appear old. Like, really old. Perhaps Dutch is inheriting Aneela's old wounds, too...

To take down the Hullen forcefield, Johnny has identified a bio weapon that operates... with brainpower. He'll have to send himself into seizures to activate and control it, but it's worth it to save all those kids. But again... seizures. Also, the other snag: the weapon is currently in the hands of a weird hippie cult, which means the Killjoys will have to use firepower against flower power.  

Zeph has done some research and discovered that the markings on Dutch's back are Scarback. She takes it to a real Scarback, who has some insight into what the symbols mean: something about evolve, sin, dissolve, elixir. But together they form a new meaning — and that's the key to Zeph's investigation.  

Meanwhile, Dutch and D'avin infiltrate said cult, and do a really good job at it.  First order of business in this cult is to let the head guy poke around your bio-memory to determine where you best fit into the fabric of the cult. Dutch volunteers, and the cult master turns his little bio-device (the one Johnny is after) on her. Her memories start to flood back.  

Somehow, the device lets her connect with Aneela. She's trying to teach her how to get to the Lady.  But enough therapy: Dutch and D'avin whoop the cult leader, and his acolytes, take the bioweapon, and get out of there.  

Johnny gets hooked up to the bioweapon, and it gives his brain a power boost. He uses it as the conduit to shut down the Hullen forcefield, allowing the rest of the team to get on in there.  

Fancy and D'av deactivate security through less-than-stealthy methods (aka, exploding a control panel). And while Gared and Pree get into the holding cell and spring free the children, Dutch and Pip find the green pool, and drop a transponder into it.

That same transponder materializes in Zeph's lab, allowing her to subject the green pool to further testing. It's all coming together now. Then, things go bad. Real bad. Johnny feels the shield completely dying, which would normally be a good thing in any other scenario. But in this one, when the shield comes down completely, it allows the Hullen access to their weapon of last resort, leaving them able to fire directly at the Killjoys. Woof.  

So, there's one way out of this, and it's to enter Turin's self-destruct code to the RAC... manually. That means, whoever punches it in, goes down. Pip, the one with the spider in his brain, volunteers to save the rest. What a guy this is! It's understandably hard for Zeph to come to terms with this.  

And she doesn't have a whole lot of time to do it, either. That ship goes boom boom. Zeph passes off her research to Dutch, tells her to fill Johnny in. She's hopping off this train now that Pip is lost. But Dutch may have just figured out how to bring Aneela back, and put the Lady away. Forever.

While toasting to Pippin and his passing, Dutch announces her plan. It involved drinking WAY too much, so much that she knocks herself out. What did she drink? Plasma. Why? So that she could switch places with Aneela. The old switcheroo!