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Episode Recap: A Bout, A Girl

Dutch enters the deadly Supermax prison fights for a chance to take over the entire ship.


We start this week's episode in media res. Delle Seyah and Jaq are on the run. They find themselves in the middle of a forest, and must thwart their hunter-gatherer pursuers. But at least it's scenic.

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In the SuperMax prison, a few Qreshi emissaries drop by to host this year's Bellaxion, a prison fighting tournament. They're fulfilling the panem et circempromise the rich are good for. The Killjoys think they may have just been given their ticket to mutiny the ship. But when they get passed over as fighters, they turn to Sparlow to get them in. He owes them a favor, after all. Saving a fella's life doesn't come cheap! But Sparlow declines, for if the Qreshi find out he's helping the Killjoys, he'll get killed.

Afterwards, Johnny is sent on his cleaning rounds. He uses his new Lucy (Newcy), which he houses in a little transmitter, to hack into the ship's mainframe and programs a bug. From there, he hopes to be able to control all the prisoners on the ship via the chips implanted in their heads.

Dutch spends no time waiting around for someone to tell her she can fight, she just does it herself. She picks a brawl with a beefcake, and proves herself worthy of the ring to the onlooking Qreshi hotshot. She's in.  

Meanwhile, D'av is taken aside by the sister Qreshi noblewoman, who asks of him a favor: kill her brother for her. That's unexpected. But things on Q'resh have gotten real bad, and the nobles are going insane, as well as getting very hungry. She tells D'av her life is in danger, at the mercy of her brother.  

Back in Westerly, The Lady has ordered Khlyen to help her find Pree (who in turn can help her find the Killjoys). They drop in at the bar, and there Khlyen mixes The Lady a little concoction that gets her emotions going — in particular, love.  

And in the forest, Jaq closes his eyes, and is able to see through the universe to where his biological father is. He wants to go save him, but Delle Seyah won't let them. Not yet at least; they need that green. Jaq says some pretty nasty things to his mom, and throws a tantrum.

After her first bout, Dutch handily vanquishes her opponent, and while they're tussling on the ground, rips out his control chip. She did him a favor, and he didn't even know it. She passes off the chip to D'av who gives it to Johnny for further programming.

The warden calls Dutch into her office for what Dutch thinks is going to be a reprimand. Quite the opposite. The warden wants Dutch to continue fighting, so that maybe she can rise to the top and embarrass the Qreshi nobles who flash their money and power every which way in her prison. Dutch accepts, on the condition that if she wins, Johnny gets to go free.  

Johnny contrives his way into the control room by offering to debug a glitch in the system (which he caused). Once he's inside, he plants Newcy, and she gets to work. But when the warden finds out what the Killjoys have been up to, she gets PISSED. She throws Johnny into solitary, and pulls Dutch out of the fights. But she coulda been a contender!

To get her back in the fight, D'av makes a deal with the Q'reshi sister. He'll kill her brother, using a device that she furnishes, if she demands the warden put Dutch back into the ring. This plan's got so many layers.  

Sparlow comes through with his end of the bargain, and lets Johnny out of solitary. Big win.  But just as Dutch is about to face the final opponent, Sparlow and Coren and all their prison buddies open fire, and subdue the guards. Looks like Sparlow couldn't be trusted after all. Go figure.  

And Jaq and Delle Seyah find the cube in the forest. Before Jaq opens it, he wants his mom to promise him that she'll find his dad. Jaq opens the cube, and Aneela comes out. Could it be?!