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Episode Recap: Last Dance

Dutch uses Khlyen to bait The Lady and finds herself in the midst of a final, epic showdown.


It's the final episode, and you know what that means: hugs all around!  

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Well, for the Killjoys at least. For Jaq, he's flipping out. The Lady has abducted him from the cube, and is mentally preparing him for when she inhabits his body. But there's really no easy way to take that information.  

Delle Seyah brings Aneela to visit the Kin Rits and demands the ordnance for the coming war. At first they suggest bringing it up at the next council meeting. There's obviously no time for that, but they don't care. But when they learn Aneela is Hullen, they bend over backwards.   

Dutch brings a shackled Khlyen to a rocky outland, where there's a cube, to use him as bait for The Lady. Then she holograms into The Lady's ship. First she sticks Khlyen in the neck with a delayed-release poison. Then she dares The Lady to come meet them so she can say goodbye to Khlyen. And she better come alone or she'll lose her chance.    

Back at the family reunion, Delle Seyah's family roll out the big guns, and Aneela fires away. Meanwhile, Johnny and D'av have boarded The Lady's ship, with the hopes of inducing her into a hibernation and killing her. They run into some fire, and Jaq escapes from his cell and arrives to help save his father, only to be shot by a guard. When he comes to, Jaq tells D'av how he got involved in all this. Jaq wasn't picked up by The Lady by surprise: he planned it. He's been having visions of the future (all bad) and set himself up to help save his father and friends. 

The Lady and two of her guards make landfall and infiltrate the cube. They quickly immobilize Dutch and Khlyen, and administer the antidote to the poison running through Khlyen's system. This was all part of Dutch's plan: to get The Lady in the atmosphere, have Lucy throw up a shield around the planet, and trap them all there.   

Back on The Lady's ship, Lucy tells Zeph that she's received an alert from one of the "patients" down in the laboratory. That's strange, Zeph had no patients in the laboratory. When she goes exploring, she tears Pippin out from the cocoon The Lady has been keeping him, and other bodies, in.  

Inside the cube, The Lady is forcing Khlyen and Dutch to fight. Probably to the death.  Yeah, it's going to be to the death. Dutch has to kill Khlyen or The Lady will make Khlyen kill her. That's the breaks, and Dutch plunges a knife deep into his belly. After that, Dutch goes to town on the mind control collar The Lady placed on her neck.

Back on The Lady's flagship, D'av, Johnny, and Jaq place a bomb inside what looks like a mail tube, and it's immediately sucked up and sent into the cell holding one of The Lady's most developed hatchlings. The hatchling (the really big hatchling) suffers a gruesome death, felt by The Lady and all her henchmen. The Lady is paralyzed by her child's demise, giving Dutch a perfect opening to shoot her dead.  

Meanwhile in the lab, Zeph is still a little suspicious of Pippin. But he urges her to quit her scrutinizing his vitals and instead celebrate his return to the living.  The Killjoys and their army, high off beating The Lady, party hard. But Turin has some bad news for them: The Lady sent a whole fleet of ships with hatchlings on board outside the Quad — looks like the war isn't over yet.  

Plot twist: Dutch didn't kill The Lady for this very reason, because she might need information. Dutch gives The Lady a choice: either she tells her where the hatchlings are, or she kills her.  And Johnny is set on taking his yearlong anniversary from Killjoying. But not before he, D'av and Dutch have one last hurrah. They're about to kick some hatchling hide!