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Episode Recap: Run, Yala, Run

Dutch realizes The Lady has put Westerley under a collective delusion - in a world without memory, nothing is what it seems.


When we left our heroes, the Lady had crawled out of the green plasma and caused a rupture in spacetime, lurching us into an alternate universe. An alternate universe where Johnny is an engineer at a green factory, D'av is a bounty hunter on the search for Jaq, a fugitive, and where Johnny and Dutch are married, have a child (said fugitive Jaq), and who have to protect him from the Killjoys. 

Dutch is now working the bar that Pree once owned, and when D'av comes in to ask some questions, she spikes his drink. That's when Johnny and Dutch hop aboard D'av's ship, and snoop around. Unfortunately, the tranquilizer doesn't take, and D'av intercepts Dutch and Johnny, and proceeds to ask them questions. Sans guns, they're able to discuss Jaq like the impetuous adults they are. Johnny wanted Jaq to stay on Qresh, where he'd be safer, presumably. But Dutch wanted him back in Westerley, where he belongs. 

Then something strange happens. After D'av takes Dutch aside to question her, they have a little flirt session, and their hands touch: that's when Dutch has a flash of memory that takes her back to the previous universe,  in which she and D'av had sexy time. It's a lot for her to handle. 

Meanwhile, in her little computer engineer's nest, Zeph (who in this world is a street urchin) is using her wiles to hack into the Factory's mainframe and pirate data. What she finds is startling.  And D'av is still on the hunt for Jaq. He's cornered Gared in an alley, and threatened to call in a warrant for his arrest — in this universe, he's an ex-con — unless he helps him find the boy. Gared breaks.

Back at the bar, the same thing that happened with D'av happens when Dutch kisses Johnny. She's transported back to a time when she and Johnny had sexy time. What's going on?!  Scared, Dutch takes refuge in her room, where she finds the weapon Khlyen gave her as a young assassin. When she touches it, a flood of memories hits her. Then, her decon (decontamination bracelet) goes off. She must have caught something from Johnny. But the door's locked, and she can't get to the decontamination showers.

Pree, now a RAC agent, drops by the bar, and demands to talk with Johnny, tearing him away from Dutch. In the middle of a breakdown from the infection, Dutch sees all: her entire past as a Killjoy. And it makes her wake up. When Johnny returns, Dutch tries to tell him about their true, former lives as Killjoys, but he thinks she's pitching him a role playing game.

Undeterred, Dutch finds and chases down Zeph on the street. Zeph doesn't remember her, but from her digging she does know that someone is messing with the climate on the moon because it's raining twice a day like clockwork. Explanation? Mass hypnosis. When Zeph takes Dutch back to her lair, she lays out her hypothesis: The planet is under the control of an outside force. Dutch tells Zeph she knows who she really is, and this touches Zeph because up to now, Zeph thought she was nuts. 

Next on D'av's list for questioning is Pree. D'av wants to know if he knows where Delle Seyah is, because she's been registered as being connected with Jaq. Delle Seyah is now a badass assassin protecting her boy from all bounty hunters on a ship orbiting the Quad.

D'av teams up with Johnny and Dutch, and two former Killjoys and one current Killjoy track down Delle Seyah on her ship, and soon split up. Delle Seyah finds Dutch first, and lays a wet one on her lips, as she's reminded of Aneelah. Delle Seyah and Jaq have remained safe far above Westerley, and so they remember everything unlike all the people down below, who seem to be dreaming. After Delle Seyah tells Dutch what's been going on, Delle Seya handcuffs Dutch to a table.  

Delle Seyah then dispatches D'avin in the hallway as he's accosting Jaq, and steals his weapon. Once Delle Seyah has Dutch's DNA and D'avin's fingerprints, she and Jaq are good to go. Zeph has a breakthrough, and tells Dutch how their minds are being controlled: those contamination bracelets are actually monitoring people's memories, and when they start to remember their real lives, they go off, sending people to the decon showers, which douse them in false thoughts. Devious.

Dutch hatches a plan to get her friends to wake up from their stupor. First, she hops on Lucy (D'av's ship which everyone just thought was Killjoy surplus) to retrieve their keepsakes — memories they saved over the years — then she gives them to them at the bar. The mementos trigger a memory response, and they run outside in fear. 

That's when they get drenched in the rain. But the rain, like the showers, also acts as a hypnotic intervention. Pree and D'av turn on Dutch, and threaten to arrest her, when Zeph rolls through and tosses in a flash grenade to blind them. Zeph and Dutch make a getaway, but it's not so clean. After taking down some assailants, Zeph is shot in the gut, and needs medical care. Dutch better find it soon, because Zeph is the only person who believes her. 

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Meanwhile, on a ship orbiting the Quad, the Lady, in a girl's body, presses Khlyen for answers about his daughters. She won't get any.