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Episode Recap: Ship Outta Luck

The Killjoy trio must figure out a way to breakout from an inescapable maximum security prison.


The Lady has sentenced the Killjoys to spend some time at a Supermax Prison... with the plebs. Interesting choice. It was actually Khlyen who suggested the plan to The Lady, and it was Khlyen who called up the warden at the prison to arrange the whole incarceration. Let's see where this goes.  

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When Zeph returns to her lair, having had her memory wiped (again), she finds a videotape that she recorded preemptively, in case she should have her memory wiped (again), which she did. Zeph on the video tells her to use a device to restore her memory, and she does. That's when the hard work begins. Shortly after, she uses the same device on Turin, whose memory restores. Baby steps.

Johnny gets put on laundry duty, roaming the halls for dirty undies. But while he's doing that, he's also going on liberation duty. He uses the microchip which contained Lucy and integrates it into a radio he pilfered from the guards. Now he's plugged in.

Meanwhile, Dutch, who's been placed in solitary confinement, gets a pleasant surprise from an unseen hand. It's breakfast, plus a spoon wrapped in a napkin. Looks like someone on the outside likes her.  

And down in Westerly, Zeph zaps Pree next with her re-memory serum, and he jolts back to consciousness. They put their heads together to figure out where The Lady may have stowed the Killjoys. Pree remembers there being a radar blackspot out in the salt flats. So they set a course there.

Back in prison, when a guard makes a delivery to Dutch's cell, she grabs his hand, jerks him to death, and then captures his thumbprint with a spoon, which she then uses to open up her cell door. Ingenious. After Dutch and Johnny spring D'av from the mental ward he's been detained in, they break into the warden's office to get their coordinates. They find out that they're on a prison ship floating through space, and, while gobsmacked, said warden enters with her guards.  

After she's dismissed her guards, the warden talks turkey. She's been sent orders to keep one of the three Killjoys alive (and we know from who). In exchange for saving all three of them, she wants them to find out who's infiltrated her prison to put a hit on a powerful inmate named Sparlow. Done deal.  

In the mess hall on the inside, Dutch, Johnny and D'av are making inroads with Sparlow. That's when Korin — old nemesis of the Killjoys — returns from solitary, spots D'av and Johnny, and whips the inmates up into an anti-Killjoy frenzy. The warden steps in just in time to paralyze everyone with an electric shock, and they go down.  

Zeph and Turin drop in on those coordinates and find nothing but Blackroot ships and pilots. They find that the ships have been making the same rounds for a while, right above cloud cover. These are the ships dispersing The Lady's mind-control gas. They can put an end to it….

The warden gives the Killjoys another chance to stop Sparlow's assassination, and they find his right-hand man in the hall and intercept him. Unfortunately, someone else has gotten to him, and poisoned his food. Back to the kitchen!  

Turns out the assassin is Kalvert, an inmate that D'av had met in the mental ward and who seemed nice enough (but those are the ones you've got to watch out for). After a fight with the deceptively agile and strong assassin, the Killjoys triumph, and in exchange for saving Sparlow's life are granted protection.

Meanwhile, Zeph and Turin agree that they need to take some drastic measures to put an end to The Lady's reign. They're going to blow up her ships. And the Killjoys are sent back to the tough ward, to wait out the rest of their sentence or be saved.