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Episode Recap: Three Killjoys and a Lady

After escaping The Lady's clutches and reuniting with Lucy, the Killjoy trio start to wonder if there is a traitor amongst them.


And we're back! The Lady has captured all the Killjoys and is taking her time torturing Dutch — making her drink yucky tea, and staring into a bag full of The Lady's deep-fried offspring. It's so appetizing.  

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Meanwhile, Khlyen gets into D'av's cell to break him free. This is an unusual partnership. But considering Khlyen's relationship to Dutch, he tells D'av not to mention he was on board the ship, otherwise she might try to save him. He promises.

After his manumission, D'av goes to free Johnny, and together they get Dutch and escape. The Killjoys reconvene on Lucy and plan their next move. D'av wants to find Jaq, his son, but both Johnny and Dutch think he's safer if they don't. Besides, Johnny can't seem to get an analysis of the sample of charred Lady-baby that he wanted to, and Zeph might. So they plot a course for Old Town.

When Dutch goes into the cockpit to assist D'av, she notices he has a marking on the back of his neck. Funny, it's the same marking that The Lady had on her body. Does this mean that... maybe D'av is a host? That's when Lucy goes into emergency flight mode. Something's knocking her off course. And someone started a fire in the engine room. But who?   

Dutch thinks D'av is compromised, so she devises a plan to segregate him from the group. She dupes him into thinking he's going to space walk, but then traps him in the airlock. Dutch wants to know how D'av made it out of the torture lock so easily, and he finally admits that it was Khlyen. This changes the complexity of things.  

Then, under threat of Johnny's gun, Dutch shows her arm to reveal that she's got the same mark. Another surprise? So does Johnny. Any one of them could be The Lady. The three decide to restrain themselves and let Lucy use science to identify any alien agent living inside them. Seems the fairest thing to do.  

Johnny's and D'av's bios come back normal. But Dutch's... doesn't. She runs circles around the guys, and unlocks herself from her restraints before they can stop her. Then she lures D'av and Johnny into a chamber, where they find her...naked. She requests that they get naked too. Why? Because when two or more naked bodies are in a room together, Lucy's surveillance shuts down. Also, bodies are natural.

When they're all denuded, Dutch spills: she thinks Lucy may have been compromised by The Lady, and that it was Lucy who sabotaged the engine. So D'av will stay with Dutch while Johnny goes to check on the ship log.  But when Lucy catches wise to their plan, she shuts down the consoles. Then she sends out an electric current in the room that paralyzes D'av and Dutch. Guess she has been compromised. While Johnny is trying to rout out The Lady from the mainframe, the REAL Lucy shows up in the form of a hologram to tell Johnny that the virus is spreading throughout her system, and it can't be stopped. The only thing to do now is to wipe it clean. That's hard for Johnny to d,  he loves the ship! But, alas, it's KO to Luce.  

After a quick mourning drinking session, the Killjoys decide to hand themselves over to the boarding Lady. Lucy told them that they needed to get close enough to defeat her, and surrender is the only way to do that.