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Hero of the Week: Dutch

Dutch fights like a girl. A super bad-ass girl who kicks major butt!


Dear Dutch, we want to be just like you when we grow up. Here's five reasons why.

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Love always,

You fight like a girl...

Supercut Saturdays - Dutch Fights Like a Girl

A super bad-ass girl who kicks major butt! For five seasons, we've watched you take down dudes twice your size, Hullens who just wouldn't die and anyone else who stands in your way. When we grow up, we hope to be half the hero that you are.

You've got a soft side, too

Inside Killjoys: Season 2 Episode 10

You're a trained assassin so you're tough as nails but on the inside? You're a big ol' softie! Anyone who gets to be a part of your inner circle should consider themselves lucky because you go hard for the ones you love. In the clip above, your psychotic dad Khlyen (we know, it's complicated) and Killjoys creator, Michelle Lovretta explore the complexities and beauty of your character.

You're all heroes in one


You don't wear a cape and you don't have superpowers (in a literal sense), but you continue to defy the confines of human strength to save the galaxy one episode at a time. Some heroes have a certain "it" factor, but to us, you've got it all.

You're stealthy

Clutch the Pearls

At first glance, you're a beautiful woman dressed to the nines, attending a cocktail party but when we look closer, we see that those pearls you're sporting are also bombs. So. Clutch.

You've got a kick-arse (sorry, we had to!) accent

Tap My Heart

Some people have the kind of voices that are so soothing to listen to, they could read the phone book and it'd still sound interesting. You've got one of those voices and we're going to miss it. Here's one of our favorite Season 5 clips with you and Johnny. We love this moment because it shows what a wonderfully loyal friend you are but it's also just a nice excuse to listen to you talk.


Join us and the Killjoys as they prepare for their final adventure, tomorrow at 10/9c!