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Are You A Fan Of Steel? Prove It With Our Live Trivia Game


Calling all Superman Super Fans! Are you the true Fan of Steel? If you want the title you're going to have to prove it! Starting Monday, March 12, you can win $1000 bucks each night for ten days by playing our Trivia Challenge. Most importantly, you'll earn bragging rights to claim yourself as the ultimate Fan of Steel.

Have you played HQ Trivia? Well, imagine HQ trivia with a bunch of comic nerds, duking it out for ultimate geek cred. You'll answer 10 questions about Superman and Krypton, delivered by comic heavy-hitters like Jim Lee and Adam Hughes, and each night one ultimate winner gets the $1000 grand prize; 10 runners-up get a sweet Krypton Prize pack. It's the perfect lead up to the Premiere of Krypton on March 21 at 10/9c

Here are the deets: Enter your phone number over at, and sign up to get text notifications before each game starts (8pm ET/5pm PT). Then play trivia every night from 3/12-3/21, get all the questions right in the fastest time, and claim your throne as the Fan of Steel.

Krypton's Fan of Steel Live Trivia Challenge

Easy, right?