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Episode Recap: Civil Wars

Seg-El is faced with an impossible choice that could shape not just the El legacy, but the fate of the universe itself.


When we last left our team, a grown man had just told Lyta Zod that he was her son. Adam Strange recognizes this seeming tale-teller as General Zod, Superman’s nemesis from the future who has traveled back in time to Krypton to find a weapon of mass destruction that can vanquish Brainiac. But General Zod also divulges some news Adam failed to tell Seg: Krypton always blows up, no matter what. Seg ties up Adam, and he, Lyta and General Zod go in search of the weapon. Meanwhile, Daron-Vex and Jayna are busy preparing their Sagittari junta for a coup against the Voice of Rao, winning over an ambivalent Dev-Em.

On the day that the insurgency is set to take place, the Voice of Rao is planning on holding a ceremony before a few members of the guild. But last minute he decides to switch things up, and invite everyone rom Kandor. This throws a wrench into the mutiny. Meanwhile, underground, Seg, Lyta, and General Zod have found the weapon — Doomsday — but are chased away by its wardens (the underground dwellers). And back in Kandor, just as the mutineers are prepared do away with Zod, he reveals his true self: a sentry of Brainaiac, with powerful tentacles that kill and suck up the Sagittari’s brainpower before killing them.