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Episode Recap: Hope

Seg must decide if he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in service of a greater good for Kandor.


The Voice of Rao is on the loose, killing anyone who gets in his way. Seg and our
heroes are occupied with infighting over how to stem this threat — to release
Doomsday or not, to attempt another coup or not. Leader of Black Zero and former
colleague of Daron-Vex Jax-Ur busies herself by torturing the Machiavellian maggot,
but he ultimately escapes. He finds his way to Kandor, buys a skinner ship, and flies
it away; but his career is cut short when Jax-Ur activates the same device she was
torturing him with, and brings him down from afar. Meanwhile, General Zod is able
to open the protective shield keeping Doomsday inside his cell — because Zod is
part El (Seg’s his daddy). But Seg and Jayna anticipated Zod’s move, and transferred
Doomsday to the supervision of the underground clan.
General Zod is pissed at his grandmother Jayna, and challenges her to a duel. Jayna
accepts, and nearly kills her grandson but for Lyta’s intervention. A wounded Jayna
crawls away, and passes out, and is picked up by someone from her past. And Seg
and Nyssa are banned from the underground clan for endangering their safety. So
Seg tries to unite Black Zero with the Sagitari to defeat the Voice of Rao, but the
factions only end up killing each other. The Voice of Rao is about to do the same to
Seg when Nyssa jams the Superman crystal in his skull, killing him. But they’re not
fast enough: Brainiac is draining power from the generator that activates the
protective dome around Krypton, allowing him to make his grand entrance.