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Episode Recap: House of El

Having suffered a tragic loss, Seg-El is forced to adjust to a new life, a new rank, and a new threat.


Seg still doesn't believe the whole Brainiac story, cape notwithstanding, and needs cold, hard proof to change his mind — which Adam must provide him. Meanwhile, the Sagitari are preparing a raid on the rankless, looking to smoke out the terrorist group known as Black Zero. Needless to say, Lyta is not about it. She wants a more diplomatic approach, but she’s not in a position to make orders just yet. Seg pays soon-to-be daddy-in-law Daron-Vex a visit, and learns that Val had been on Brainiac's case for a while. Seg finagles his way into a job in the science guild, and is given a sweet tablet with a boatload of information on it, which Adam can use to find that proof.

Back in Kandor, Lyta challenges her commander to a duel. If she wins, she will assume his role as a superior officer and have some bargaining power to reschedule, or even cancel, the raid on the rankless. She wins, and gets a promotion. Kem and Adam continue to hack the guild tablet for clues, and find that there was a meteorological anomaly in the outlands of Krypton three days ago. Adventure! While snooping around the Fortress of Solitude, Seg accidentally starts up a program that initiates a hologram projection of Val-El, meant to guide Seg on his eventual journey. In the outlands, Adam and Kem find a suspicious rock formation in the ground. It's actually a sentry: Brainiac ships them out to planets he intends to lay waste to. Looks like the cerebral fella already walks amongst them.