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Episode Recap: House of Zod

Jayna-Zod grapples with her torn loyalties as Seg-El fights to survive within the heart of Black Zero.


At the end of last week, Seg had escaped from the terrorist group's lair only to find himself marooned in the icy tundra of the outlands. He returns to said lair, and finds another prisoner named Raika chained to a container. He springs her and together they venture through the underground tunnel system to meet her race of people, who worship Cythonna, Krypton’s Ice Goddess. They’re interested in healing Seg and hearing what he has to say about Brainiac. Raika tells Seg that her clan has been routed by the House of El in the past, and because of that they won’t let Seg out alive. He lies and says that his El brethren will be looking for him, and Raika gives Seg an oxygen mask and communication device, which he uses to contact Adam in Kandor with his location.

Meanwhile, Lyta is about to be executed for treason when Daron makes the
announcement that the chief witness in the trial (the trigger-happy Sagitarii)
recanted, and all the charges were dropped. How'd that happen? Jayna made a deal with the house of Vex, pledging her allegiance. The "witness" is promptly executed on the sly, and the whole thing is framed as a suicide. It’s dirty business in Kandor. Lyta, freed, and Adam team up to go find Seg in the outlands, but he’s already been
recaptured by the same terrorist organization he initially escaped, and taken back
underground. Lyta and Adam penetrate the lair, and shoot the place up. Lyta singles
out the leader of the organization, and just before she kills him, he notices a
medallion hanging on her neck: he’s got the same one. Curious. He also happens to
be her son. Curioser!