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Episode Recap: Savage Night

As The Voice of Rao's power and influence increases, a resistance force grows to impede his takeover. 


Adam is on the offense this week, doing everything in his power to make sure
Superman gets born. That involves begging Kem to help broker a talk with him and
Seg… which is iffy at best. Kem, Seg, and the others are involved in plotting yet
another coup against Brainiac’s sentry that’s hijacked the Voice of Rao’s body, and
they think they’ve hatched one: whenever the Voice of Rao goes to the Genesis
Chamber to recharge, he slips into a trance leaving him vulnerable. Lyta and Nyssa
will go find Dev’s body, use it to tap into Brainiac’s telepathic highway, and shut it
down; and General Zod, Jayna and Seg will be the boots on the ground that stomp all
over the Voice of Rao.
Meanwhile, Kem is preoccupied with saving Ona, the little girl he swore to protect.
Before they make their foray, General Zod and Jayna break into Black Zero territory
looking for recruits. Black Zero complies, if they can have Daron Vex in return for
their mercenary services. It’s a deal. The stage is set: Val is able to revive Dev and
shut down the Voice of Rao’s connection at the same time; and during the coup
Jayna pops the Voice of Rao one in the chest and he falls to his death. Or does he?
Because later we find him talking with Ona in the throne room. And even later, while
Seg and Kem are celebrating their “victory” over a drink, little Ona drops in ready to
explode in their presence. Luckily, Adam shows up with the Zeta device to block the
explosion and save Seg’s life. But in doing so he transports himself to another