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Episode Recap: The Rankless Initiative

As the military cracks down on his home district, Seg-El and Adam Strange race to find an otherworldly invader.


When we left our heroes, they had just found one of Brainiac's brainy probes, proof that the cerebral fella was coming to Krypton. But after Seg and Adam take the
thing to the Fortress of Solitude, Val-El tells them that what they actually found was
just the casing for the probe, and that what was inside has already hijacked a host
and is using it to perform enemy reconnaissance. That host is Seg’s friend Rhom.

Meanwhile, the Sagitari are launching a full-scale attack on Sector 19 as part of the
Rankless Initiative to rout out Black Zero terrorists. Lyta. now leader of her
squadron, orders her soldiers to exercise honor and caution, and to not spill any
innocent blood. Long story short, a trigger-happy Sagitari, Kol-Da, spills some innocent blood, and Lyta has her arrested. While that is going on, Rhom has now gone full Brainiac beast of burden mode, and starts killing people left and right. Seg
intercepts her, and tries to appeal to his dear friend’s humanity and heart: she, in
turn, strangles him with tubes. Only by detonating an electrostatic discharge grenade  is Seg able to momentarily paralyze her and deactivate the sentry. But it might be too late: Brainaic’s got the data, and Rhom is left fatally ill from the experience.