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Episode Recap: The Word of Rao

Seg encounters a Black Zero leader as The Voice of Rao demands that someone be held accountable for the failed Rankless Initiative.


Rao has looked upon his people of Krypton and found them in disorder. They’re still reeling from the murder of one of their own by the Sagitari, and Rao is looking to work miracles to bring about peace and contentment in the land. To do that, he has Daron arrest Lyta and trump up falsified charges of treason against her. She’s destined for the gallows, unless someone doesn’t intervene. Cue Seg. He asks Nyssa if she can pull any strings to get Lyta off the hook, and it looks like she might be able to. Seg has a backup plan: to exonerate Lyta by means of the body of Rhom.

Unfortunately, before he can hand over the body to the council, he’s knocked out and abducted by a revolutionary faction of Black Zero that plays by its own rules and is led by a no-nonsense commandor, who knows all about Brainiac. Meanwhile, Kem has become guardian to Ona, Rhom’s orphaned daughter, and takes her to the city center to witness Rao’s self-glorification parade. Ona gives Rao an offering, and the god is so touched by it that he makes her a novitiate. Meanwhile, Nyssa finds out that Lyta’s side of the story exculpates her from any blame, and that Nyssa's own father is a dirty dealer. The Vex family has ambitions of uniting Krypton under human supremacy (theirs) and deposing Rao: this throws a wrench in that plan. And that offering that innocent Ona gave to Rao? It was another sentry sent by Brainiac to hijack hosts on Krypton, and it infiltrates Rao and takes hold. Seg escapes the clutches of the revolutionary faction, only to be stranded in a tundra wilderness without a GPS.