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Episode Recap: Transformation

In the aftermath of a failed coup, Daron-Vex must decide how to punish the conspirators. Meanwhile, Lyta-Zod and Dev-Em go in search of Jayna-Zod.


Having squashed the attempted coup, the Voice of Rao summons Daron-Vex to his chambers. Daron is ready to spew a mouthful of lies until he realizes… this ain’t the Voice of Rao he’s talking to. It’s something otherworldly. Daron-Vex, fearing for his life, professes his unquestioning loyalty to Voice of Rao, and vows to publicly execute all the traitors — including his daughter. But when he plans to take care of his offspring himself, she surprises him and manages, with Seg’s help, to evade her filicidal father. Meanwhile, Kem helps General Zod get back in shape, as he’ll be needed to take back the city of Kandor from the alien.

While searching the city for her allegedly traitorous mother, Lyta is intercepted by Dev, and they team up to find Jayna. They do, in the outlands. While there, Dev reveals that he’s been coopted by Voice of Rao, and attempts to convert both Lyta and her mother too. They refuse, and kill Dev — a hard but necessary move. Nyssa, Seg, General Zod, Kem, Lyta and Jayna congregate at Kem’s bar and come to the conclusion that they’re going to stay and fight in Kandor but they’re going to need recruits. They decide to find them at the Nova Cycle ceremony happening in town: by shooting at Voice of Rao to reveal his true nature they’ll be able to persuade people to their side. But the plan never takes off, as Voice of Rao demonstrates his transcendent nature by stepping over flames and surrounding himself in an orb of floating fire. It’s a total crowd pleaser.