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Krypton's Top 10 SUPER Moments

The first three episodes of Krypton are filled with some SUPER moments. Don't think we can narrow them down to 10? Think again.


Krypton is filled with SUPER moments of all kind, from super fighting scenes to super explosions to the super unsettling presence that is Rao. In anticipation of episode 4, we've narrowed down the top 10 most super moments in the first three episodes!

1. Super Sad


Episode 1 of Krypton dropped and so did Val-El. This moment is SUPER sad, but it’s also just plain super. Other than the fact that Val-El’s looking Gone With the Wind fabulous, his cape billowing in the breeze gives a nice visual shout-out to Superman himself.

2. Super Ruthless


Your own mother stabbing you? That’s super in some kind of way (aside from her SUPER jacked arms). Even though we’d all rather eat that egg sack thing (a Haraka egg sack that you may have seen most recently in Man of Steel) Adam Strange refused on the black market than have Jayna-Zod as a mother, she's got some fierce fighting skills.

3. Super Ironic


So Seg saves the man who killed his grandfather and stripped his entire family of their rank and dignity? Ironic.. but this super flashy explosion right next to Seg’s face is pretty sweet.

4. Super Uncomfortable


When a man you despise acts all paternal and welcomes you into the family with an unsettlingly forced smile, you’d have that “my headphones weren’t plugged into my computer and everyone just heard my embarrassing music so now I’m going to look a little too intently at my computer” face too. 

5. Super Foreboding


Are we pumped that Adam Strange appears in the show? Yeah. Does he provide both comedic remarks as well as a constant sense of impending doom? Yeah! Are we wondering what Superman looks like flying around on Earth without his cape? YEAH!

6. Super Majestic


When Seg figures out how to access the Fortress of Solitude, the technology alone is amazing. THEN, Val-El walks out looking all regal. Damn, that was super. 

7. Super Savage


Three main impressions stayed with us after this scene. One, Lyta just got a whole lot cooler. Two, we’re not so sure we want to be Sagitari anymore. Three, Commander Quex-Ul had on some real tiny shorts, like real tiny, like we didn't know that spanx existed on Krypton tiny.

8. Super Offended


When Seg walks into the Tribunal, you think he might kill everyone, which would be kind of sweet; but we know he’s too good for that. Instead, he symbolically tells Daron-Vex off and judging by his reaction, Daron is SUPER insulted. You know Daron picked up the sigil once everyone left and whispered to it softly how much it deserves love. Then, repeated this affirmation to himself.

9. Super Creepy


What’s up with these savage moms? If Rhom’s eyes didn’t scar her daughter for life, seeing Rhom throw armored Sagitari across the room certainly did the trick.

10. Super Terrifying


YAAAASSS we finally see Brainiac at the end of episode 3, and between the snake-like tendrils and this cute eye raise, he’s a sort of a Medusa/Golem hybrid. We’re terrified but SUPER into it. Knowing what Brainiac means to the Superman legacy, we couldn't have picked a better villain if we tried. And no, we're not even going to mention the "D-word". Not on this day.

Be on the lookout for more super moments when all-new episodes of Krypton air, Wednesdays at 10/9c on SYFY.