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Krypton's Top 12 SUPER Midseason Moments

Krypton Episodes 4-6 are filled with some super moments. It was difficult (some would say impossible), but we've narrowed them down to 12. 


Brainiac! Zod! Doomsday! Our villain boy band Is almost complete! We've reached the halfway mark of Krypton, and so far, we haven't been lacking in super moments. From supervillains to super Outlands survival scenes to Rao bringing his creepiness to a superhuman level, it was hard to narrow all the moments down, but in anticipation of Episode 7, we’ve created a list of the top 12 most super moments from episodes 4 - 6 of Krypton!

1. Super Ominous


Episode 4 of Krypton begins with this super ominous scene of Rao having his daily “let there be light” moment (ft. his human tablet-holder). 

2. Super Awkward


We learned two things from this exchange. One, you can indeed use the “which outfit looks better” question as a power play, and two, Seg gets real awkward when it comes to impromptu nudity. Like absolutely no chill. 

3. Super Disturbing


This brought our cockroach burrowing fear to the next level, and we’re now debating if wearing nose plugs to bed is too aggressive… 

4. Super Weird


Seeing Daron get intimate makes us feel weird, but order is restored when he ruthlessly has her throat slit. It makes us wonder if we even want to know what happened to his wife... 

5. Super Enlightening


Wondering why all Zod parents are absolutely ruthless? It's because their parents put them through some crazy shit (like forcing them to either die or kill a sibling, knowing they'll ruminate on that choice forever). And we thought parent-child matching outfits messed us up....

6. Super Dramatic


There was a lot of eye contact that went into stopping this execution (which seems kind of risky if you ask us). Jayna glanced at Nyssa who glanced at Daron, who magically understood what to do. However, with his typical dramatic flair, Daron decides to linger on the podium for a bit so he can stay the execution at the very last minute.

7. Super Distressing


This scene was SUPER stressful and made us worry we’d have another Ned Stark moment on our hands since Seg’s already got a baby in the erm.. chamber. His speech declaring his love for Lyta would have been a pretty super way to go out though.

8. Super Surprising


In a reverse Star Wars moment, this hulking, necklace-adorned man tells Lyta he’s her son. But not just any son. He’s our supervillain #2. He’s big, he’s strong, and we’re confused about whether or not he’s actually a villain… 

9. Super Relatable


You know that warning look you give your friend when you’re out at a bar and don’t want to be talking to the person you’re talking to? Yah, Sevi’s rocking that look. 

10. Super Unsettling


BOOP! Rao’s ability to act like a normal human = Seg’s ability to be chill around a naked Nyssa. This might be the creepiest, most inhuman way to dab tears ever, and it will haunt us for the rest of our lives.  

11. Super Amazing


Ohhhh yeahhhh, supervillain #3 = Doomsday. And he looks like an orc with hypothermia. But he’s locked up in the chamber and can never get out. There's absolutely no way he'll ever escape, right? RIGHT?

12. Super Surprising


You stage a casual coup on what you think is a normal guy. Imagine your surprise when Medusa hair starts spurting out of his hands..

Be on the lookout for more super moments when all-new episodes of Krypton air, Wednesdays at 10/9c on SYFY.