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Krypton's Top 12 SUPER Moments to End the Season

Krypton Episodes 7-9 are filled with some SUPER moments. It was a grueling process, but we've managed, once again, to narrow them down to 12. 


The Krypton season finale is here, and we’re as sad the season’s over as we are PUMPED for all the super moments the finale is going to bring us. We're betting there won't be anymore super cute Daron and Rao floor-chats (pictured above), but maybe Braniac likes to sit on the floor and threaten people too! In anticipation of Krypton's Season 1 finale, we’ve created a list of the top 12 most super moments from Episodes 7 - 9! 

1. Super Cunning


We do have to admit, we pegged Daron as the type to hire an assassin, but maybe he’s more ruthless than we thought… Not only does he try to kill his daughter, but he creepily tells her she’s his favorite before pulling the trigger. 

2. Super Providential 


You KNOW Nyssa’s pumped about this situation. She finally gets to kiss Seg’s face, and she has an excuse in case he’s not down because making out with him is the only possible way to conceal themselves... And Seg just went along with it because again, it’s the only solution. There was absolutely no other way to hide........ What tension? 

3. Super Unnerving


Sooo, we’ve got a couple of questions. Firstly, what happens to Rao's clothes when the whole fire-bubble display ends? Secondly, why are people so pumped? It’s cool in a Dragon Ball Z kind of way, but we’re pretty sure we’d be heading for the Outlands right about then because the literal Burning Man vibes are also hella freaky. 

4. Super Persnickety 


We’re still laughing at sniveling Dar-ahn being SUPER persnickety about the pronunciation of his name and Adam just having none of it. 



FINALLY! Rao was both shot and smashed against the bottom of the genesis chamber, and we could not be more excited about it. 

6. Super Emotional


This scene made us feel all of the feelings. We're scared it's about to be the end for Seg and Kem, we’re proud of Adam for his heroism, and we’re a heaping mess of tears because what happened to Ona was brutal. 

7. Super Wuuuut


OH SNAP! We kind of saw it coming, but we finally have confirmation that Seg and Lyta are General Zod’s parents. We’re real glad Nyssa isn’t present for this because this situation is awkward enough with Jayna-Zod getting confirmation of Seg and Lyta’s sweet, sweet lovin. 

8. Super Unexpected


What. Lyta shoots (and potentially kills) her mom during a Kandorian dual to save her grown-man son that probably wants to take over the world. All the brutal parents in this show really get what’s coming to them in this batch of episodes...

9. Super Unnerving


Rao's soft smile and creepy Teletubby-eyes gazing contently upon human weakness will haunt our dreams. 

10. Super Festive


Rao explodes like a bloody, electrical piñata, and it's dope. We're liking Nyssa more and more each episode. 

11. Super Passionate


THAT MUTUAL NECK GRAB THOUGH! So slow. So passionate. So many sparks flying. It almost makes you forget they're surrounded by dead bodies...

12. Super Controlling


Braniac has finally reached Krypton, and we're frightened for Kandor and all it's people but also a little excited for Braniac because he gets to say his favorite word while on Krypton's soil and seems super happy about it. 

Will Braniac and Doomsday battle it out? Will Seg be able to save his city from both of them? Will Daron stop being such a sleeze bag? Find out in Krypton's Season 1 finale TONIGHT at 10/9c on SYFY. We assure you, it's going to be be super.