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Episode Recap: Danger Close

Seg and Adam return to a very different Kandor, while Val and his Rebels prepare a major offensive.


We're in the Outlands, where Adam and Seg were teleported by the Zeta Beam. Seg is having flashbacks of Lyta, and Brainiac keeps showing up and killing the mood. Adam gives Seg a talking to: If they're going to put an end to General Zod's reign, they're going to need to stay focused. Seg and Adam make it to Kandor. They split up, and Seg beelines it for Lyta. Then together they beeline it for the nearest bed. It's
been a long time.

Meanwhile, up on Wegthor, the rebels have followed through with their plan. They've smoked out the Sagitari at Top Site. But one of them, Kem (remember him?) wakes up, and is in for a rude awakening. He's been taken prisoner by the rebels, which, all in all, is better than death.

Back in the underground HQ, Jax and Val are congratulating the troops on a job well done. But it's not over yet. They used up the short-range oxygenators on the last mission, but they still have the long-range ones that would enable them to get to the space elevator and take Wegthor. That's when Adam Zeta Beams in. Nice timing, bro!

In a one-on-one sesh, Adam expresses his doubts, concerns and fears to Val. In short, he has a feeling dump all over the guy. He's nervous that all his fiddling with the fabric of time has mucked up the universe (after all, he saw the future, and it don't look so good). Val says that that may be, but they've got problems in the here and now to take care of. One step at a time, Strange.

After some baby-making, Lyta gives Seg his child to hold. She calls it "their" son. But he knows the truth: it's his and Nyssa's child. That's when General Zod enters and corrects a misconception: Lyta wasn't talking about Cor-Vex. She was talking about him, General Zod, child of Lyta and... Seg. After hashing out some hard feelings, General Zod shows Seg his hobby horse: the plans for new Kandor. But Seg warns him against going too far: he's seen a future that is boring and harsh. Maybe they
can work together?

On Wegthor, Adam runs in to Kem, who's shackled and morose. Adam thinks he can use him for the next mission, so he's going to talk to Jax and Val about springing Kem free momentarily to pull off the plan. Meanwhile, Nyssa brings some news to Val's attention: she intercepted a message to Jax about her plans to blow up the station as a last-ditch attempt to keep Zod out of Wegthor. This concerns Val. It's true, too. Jax is working on a bomb which she gives to her henchwoman Araame. It's an explosive meant to blow up all the Sagitari. It's very sensitive stuff.

While getting a routine check-up, Seg sees Raika. She's had her marbles scrambled by Lyta, so she's in freak out mode. Seg uses his status to request an escort of Raika to a brain station to get her mind back in order. After a failed attempt to unscramble Raika's mind, Seg gets the idea to rifle through the knocked-out technician's gadget for clues. What he finds is haunting: General Zod gave the order to brainwash (and
torture) Lyta until she became pliant to his will.  That's when General Zod enters, flips the tables, and puts Seg in the hot seat. And starts to scramble his brain. After Zod leaves, Seg goes ham on the guards and it's only after that he knows how: Brainiac is still, somehow, inside him.

In the underground tunnels, Kem uses his former Sagitari status to deactivate a forcefield leading to the delivery elevator. Little does he know he's leading them all to their deaths. No good deed, right? Just as the rebels rush the delivery elevator floor, their oxygenators run out, and they all suffocate. This was all part of General Zod's long game. When Jax sends Araame the message to detonate the bomb, she tries: but
it's a dud. Why's that? Because Val sent Nyssa out into the desert with the codex bomb, so that it wouldn't detonate. Surprise, surprise.

Adam tries to use the Zeta Beam to beam past the elevator doors. Just then, the Sagitari descend... Lyta leading them. They're there to finish the war.