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Episode Recap: Ghost in the Fire

Adam Strange and Seg evade a bounty hunter, while General Zod uses Nyssa to further his cause.


If you were wondering, like everyone in Kandor has been, where the hell Doomsday dawdled off to, it's the Outlands. He takes down two skimmer ships without even batting an eye – and those eyes are the size of NYE balls. Meanwhile, up on Wagthor, Val and Jax are busy rallying the troops in preparation for a rebellion in Kandor.

On Colu, Lobo has Seg and Adam tied to a tree in unbreakable chains. He's thrown Adam's Zeta Beam into the river, before threatening to cannibalize the pair's insides. Seg manages to escape certain gruesome death by offering to show Lobo the body of Brainiac, whom Seg has vanquished. This whets Lobo's sick appetite, mostly because Brainiac killed his race and destroyed their civilization. He buys. But after taking Lobo to Brainiac's final resting place, Lobo is dismayed: his special Brainiac sensor isn't registering any Brainiac when held over Brainiac's remains. Could it be that Brainiac is now... inside Seg?

In Kandor, Lyta is training new Sagittari, and she's picked out a pupil to whoop. When she takes him to the mat, though, she hallucinates Seg's face on her opponent's body, and it freaks her out. Looks like she's got a guilty conscience. When the training session has come to a close, Lyta detains her pupil after class. She asks him questions, and it turns out he's got a background similar to Seg's. When he makes a pass at Lyta, however, she reacts with disproportionate force, and leaves him a bloody, dead pulp on the training floor.

Nyssa is sent up to Wagthor to spy for General Zod, who is still holding her baby Cor-Vex ransom. She bumps into Val and Jax, and drops them a valuable piece of information: periodically the radiation gets so bad on Wagthor that all comms are downed. They can use this to their advantage. They appreciate the tip, but are still suspicious.

What ensues up on Colu is an even fight between Lobo and Seg. The latter discovers that having engulfed Brainiac, he also has access to the supervillain's powers, like super strength, kung fu, telepathy, eye discoloration, etc. This spat goes on for a while. That is until Lobo finally gets the better of Seg/Brainiac, and is about ready to gut the hybrid behind when Adam, who's been off-screen for a wee while, blows a hole right through Lobo's belly. Only thing is, Lobo's got a great immune system, and it's healing up that wound faster than you can say, RUN!  

Jax does some digging, and finds out where General Zod's functionaries make material drop offs during the communications outages. She's planned to have a brigade of saboteurs ready at the terminal when they arrive.

And in the Outlands, Lor and Jayna Zod are reconciling about their youths, pasts, and the many bad things they did to each other. Never again, says Jayna. Of course, she's hallucinating her brother, but it is a comfort nonetheless. She finally comes in from the cold, to an Outlands dive bar. Some Sagittari are quickly sicced upon her, but she dispatches them easily, with the help of… Dev-Em! He's back! 

Seg/Brainiac and Adam traipse through the forest looking for the Zeta Beam that Lobo tossed in the stream. Seg tells Adam that he thinks he's only got a few more hours of being the captain of his own mind ship before Brainiac pulls a full-scale mutiny. They've got to move fast.

To console and comfort his mother (really strange relationship they've got), General Zod gives Lyta Nyssa's baby (speaking of strange relationships) to raise as her own. This really, can't POSSIBLY turn out well. 

Well, it was a good thing that Jax and Val were suspicious of Nyssa: turns out that story about the comms and the radiation was part of General Zod's plan to crush the resistance. It was a trap! Wow, Nyssa.

Adam finds the Zeta Beam, and is ready to blast the two of them off Colu when Seg stops him. He can't go back to Krypton with Brainiac still inside him. That means, either they manage to get Brainiac out... or Adam has to kill Seg. Will the intergalactic bromance finally come to an end?!