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Episode Recap: In Zod We Trust

In the wake of tragedy, Seg helps Nyssa rescue their son; alliances on Wegthor fracture.


Where were we when we last left our friends from Krypton? Oh, that's right. Jax had just killed Lyta Zod on camera for all — including Seg and General Zod — to see. Oof. Was it a well-choreographed publicity stunt, and is the real Lyta in the green room drinking Diet Coke? Nope, she's getting zipped up in a body bag.

Meanwhile, Jax and Val are having a debate. Jax has taken the Machiavellian route, in that all's fair in love and war (and love for war), whereas Val wants to wage a Gahndian revolution – without the bloody murder. In the end, the rebels defect from Jax, and fall in line with Val. Jax has been usurped!  

General Zod, still a little dazed after watching his mom die, has made a deal with Nyssa: she brings him the Codex, and he gives her back his kid. But that's not the last call he's got to make today. After that he phones Wegthor and makes yet another deal: Val sends him Jax, or he kablooms Wegthor for good. That puts Val in a sticky pickle.   

Back on Kandor, Nyssa is being escorted by two Sagitari to the General's HQ. When they press her for proof that she's carrying the Codex, she whips out a blade and dispatches them. Re-enforcements show up, and she dashes. That is, until he runs into Seg, Dev and Jayna. They got the tip that she was coming back and decided to surprise her. Surprise!

Zod is prepping a really big weapon to blow up Wegthor, and he's called in his nerdy weapons engineer for an update. She emphasizes just how much destruction this bad boy can do: a lot.  Meanwhile, in her holding cell, Jax gets to contriving her exit from said holding cell. Prison is no place for a revolutionary!

Nyssa brings Zod the Codex, but there's a catch: She's rigged it so it responds to her voice, and her voice alone, and she won't say mum until she sees her kid. So Zod brings him to her, she orders all the guards out of the room, and activates it. After that's through, Nyssa takes a big step off the short ledge in Zod's office, as if to her death. But psych! Seg flies in on a skimmer and picks his baby and baby momma up. What a ruse!  

Seg and Nyssa are flying over the Outlands when the skimmer starts to fail. With Brainiac's help, Seg is able to regain control of the failing vehicle, but at a cost: Brainiac is starting to take even greater hold over his mind. This could have long-term consequences… like taking a prescription medicine for extended periods of time. Seg makes a deal with Brainiac to save Wegthor. But will he regret it later?

Zod gives his weapons engineer the Codex, which she inserts into the big ol' weapon. Oh, this is dastardly. Jax escapes from her cell, and runs straight into Val, Kem and Adam. A quick armistice is called, and Jax hands the boys a tiny little bomb that they can use to blow up the service elevator, trap the Sagitari, and disrupt Zod's delivery chain. Will valorous Val go through with it, though?  

After that, Val tells Jax to run away, and save him the pain of having to turn her over to Zod.

The weapons engineer has prepared the weapon with the Codex but has a caveat for Zod: There was a failsafe installed on the Codex, and might prove troublesome for someone looking to use it for destruction. Zod don't give a damn. Instead, he descends into the tunnels packing his big old heat. And who does he find there? Sounds a lot like Doomsday, that's who.