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Episode Recap: Light-Years From Home

Adam Strange and Seg evade a bounty hunter, while General Zod uses Nyssa to further his cause.


ICYMI, General Zod has now become the overlord of Krypton. That wasn't supposed to happen. And he's covering up his ulterior motives of tyranny and exploitation with a steaming hot helping of B.S. rhetoric. Welcome back, everyone!

Jax-Ur runs into Adam at a Zod rally and brings him to an underground
lair where the resistance is planning their attack. Val is there, back from the Phantom Zone, Nyssa, Nyssa and Seg's child Cor-Vex, and Mama Zed, who's looking after the kid. Remember, Adam was back to the future at the end of Season 1, so he's missed a lot. Including how General Zod has been colonizing planets in the system and turning them into mini-Kryptons. He plans on doing the same to Wegthor, that is unless our heroes can stop him.

Meanwhile, Seg's stuck in the Phantom Zone, growing a beard, being haunted by memories and fantasies of Lyta-Zod etcetera. The real Lyta-Zod has drifted over to the dark side and is using torture and smack talking to crush members of the resistance. It's sort of working! She petitions General Zod to track down Jax-Ur and Val-El in Kandor rather than spend precious time looking for Doomsday, and he surprisingly does not say no (to his mother).

Val-El visits Seg in the form of a mental figment, and counsels him on how to get out of the Phantom Zone. "Use one of the sandstone crystals to pierce your way through the veil," Val says. Seg does this and causes a rupture in the Zone. Turns out it wasn't Val at all, but Brainiac in Val's clothes. Fooled! The two of them end up on Colu, Brainiac's homeland. It's here that Brainaic wants to regain his energy, with the help of Seg, so that he's ready for the next stage of his plot. Seg doesn't like his prospects: Brainiac's just going to get healthy and kill Seg and take over Krypton. So Seg takes his chances and prepares to kill Brainiac right then and there.

Adam is getting anxious about saving Seg, but Val says they can't do anything while his Phantom Zone projector is on the fritz. And Nyssa leaves her child with Mama Zed and Jax-Ur while she confronts her father – now a workhorse – on her real past. But before her dad can say anything, he gets his head blown off by Lyta, and Nyssa is taking into custody by the Sagitari.

Then, in the safehouse, we learn that Mama Zed had ratted out the resistance fighters, led the Sagitari right to their base. There's a massive shootout. Mama gets it in the back. Jax and Val escape through a portal, and Adam uses his handy-dandy Zeta Beam to GTFO. General Zod has some more blackmail on Nyssa: her child with Seg. He wants to bring the resistance back into the fold and is going to use this child to force their hand.

Where does Adam go to? Colu of course, and with impeccable accuracy. There he finds a dazed, incredulous Seg. After jogging his memory, Adam and Seg embrace, and practically dance on Brainiac's grave. That is until they realize that Colu's magnetic fields are messing with the Zeta Beam, and that they might not be able to get it to teleport for two people. Buzz. Killed.

Things just get worse from there. Seg and Adam are laid low by Lobo, one of the aborigines of Colu. He's a swarthy, fast-talking, marauder who looks like he just came out of Mad Max (the one with or without Mel).