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Episode Recap: Mercy

Dev and Jayna help Seg and Nyssa target General Zod’s fleet, when they make a shocking discovery.


We start off this week's episode of Krypton in an alternate universe. It turns out that in this one, Lyta and Seg were actually able to bind to each other, and they are having a blast!

Record scratch, and we're back at the Fortress. Seg and Nyssa are trying in vain to scan the universe for their beloved Jor-El (FKA Cor-Vex). Then they hear a noise coming from the entrance to their cave, and find that it's Jayna and Dev-Em come to see them. They're here to help!

Meanwhile, Zod and his weapons expert are hard at work making Doomsday tractable to their wills. But it's hard. They need something to keep the monster's mind in an impressionable state. General Zod might have something. It's a plant, called the Black Mercy, that will paralyze the body while leaving the mind in a dream-like state. Right now, it's grafted onto Lyta's body.

But wait, didn't Lyta die on Wegthor? Nope! That was just a clone! And remember that alternate universe we got to experience for a hot second? That's what's keeping Lyta's brain alive. How sick is that?!

Back at the Fortress, Seg, Nyssa, Jayna, and Dev are hatching a plan to lay siege to Zod's first fleet before it can launch to Wegthor. If it reaches the planet, it'll be complete destruction. They're going to breach the stronghold through some underground tunnels. But shortly after they execute the attack, Nyssa and Seg are forced to surrender to a roomful of Sagitari. That leaves Jayna and Dev to find the armory.

In Lyta's fantasy, reality starts to impose itself. The suppressed truth in Lyta's mind breaks in and mucks things up. There's trouble in paradise: namely, she's told by an oracle that her child will be the jerk General Zod. That's enough to scare anyone awake.

Zod and the weapons expert pump Doomsday up with some of the Black Mercy toxin. But they need more. And they get that more from Lyta's paralyzed body. With some of the toxin out of her body, Lyta is able to overcome the paralysis and wake up. Before she can leave, she has to extricate a bunch of planty tendrils from her throat, though. Hope there's mouthwash on Krypton!

Meanwhile, Dev and Jayna are worming their way through the halls trying to find the armory when they're stopped by some Sagitari. Luckily, Lyta has come to her senses enough to blast the Sagitari away and save her ex-betrothed and mum. It's a reunion!

Dev splits from the mother-daughter pair, and breaks Nyssa and Seg free from their little prison by punching through a forcefield barrier. Dev 4 the win! And Lyta uses her insider knowledge to deactivate the fleet, as Jayna watches in awe. Oh, if age but could!

After that's done, she reunited with the rest of the gang and in particular Seg. They also united mouths... and tongues, and upper bodies. Also, General Zod is PISSED.