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Episode Recap: The Alpha and Omega

Seg and his allies face-off against General Zod with the future of Krypton at stake.


General Zod's plan to obliterate Wegthor has backfired, and he's fuming just as Val makes contact via Krypton's version of Facetime (still Facetime, maybe?). Val's message for Zod is: give it your best shot, a-hole, because the rebels are coming for him, and they won't stop. End transmission.

Adam is still paralyzed from the waist down, and Nyssa is trying to buoy up his spirits but it's not working. He says he would have used the Zeta Beam (the one he stole from a scientist on planet Rann and tweaked for time-travel) to travel back in time before he became disabled, but it's not working. Nyssa's wheels start turning. So, while Adam is asleep, Nyssa filches the Zeta Beam, and uses it to find Brainiac, and her son, Jor-El.

Meanwhile, in the Outlands, Jayna and Dev, their despair growing, are getting a little closer for comfort. As in, they smack lips. That's just when Seg and the whole rebel crew descend to swell the ranks of the forthcoming attack on Zod. Support in Kandor for the tyrant is waning, so it's a perfect time to stage a coup.   

In Kandor, General Zod is torturing a turncoat Sagitari for the whereabouts of the rebels. He tells Zod their location, and in turn, Zod kills him. Doesn't seem like a fair trade off... but that's why he gets paid the big bucks. That's when Lyta's plan to activate a faction of insurgents within Zod's ranks backfires when she hears about the tortured Sagitari spilling their whereabouts. So, while the rebels plan to defend themselves against the imminent attack, Seg skims off to Kandor to deal with Zod mano a mano.

Seg confronts a rabble of Kryptonians and tells them what a bad dude Zod is, and how he manipulated them with somatic reconditioning. That's when Zod and the Sagitari come to break up the truth party. At that same moment, Lyta shows up, and addresses the crowd directly. They're a little shook, considering they all saw her get her throat slit open on Wegthor. But stranger things have happened (i.e. Brainiac, Doomsday, a big dome...).  

After hearing Lyta and Seg, and then Zod, the Sagitari put down their weapons. They ain't gonna work on General Zod's farm no more. Which means the only way to settle this little disagreement is fisticuffs. Seg and General Zod throw down! Zod gets in a lucky blow and knocks Seg out, and is ready to kill him when Lyta intervenes to take his place. It's mother against son!   

Meanwhile, in the Outlands, Jayna and the rest of the rebels are waging all-out war against the Sagitari. Lyta's mom in particular is kicking major bootay. Seg and Lyta finally get the better of Zod; but when Seg wants to finish the job, Lyta won't let him, and instead orders the Sagitari to call off the assault on the rebels in the Outlands. They're saved!

Rather than killing Zod, Seg and Lyta hook him up to the Black Mercy serum, so he can feed off his fantasies. They'll keep him like that for as long as it takes to keep Krypton safe. But it didn't work so well for Lyta, did it…?

Nyssa was transported to some strange planet, where she finds an Omega insignia painted in blood(?) on a rock. Then she looks up and sees Hawkmen doing whatever Hawkmen do up in the sky — most likely flying. She's certainly not in Krypton anymore.

Meanwhile, in the Outlands, Jayna and Dev may have found a frozen Doomsday that just arrived by airmail. And Val was able to fashion Adam some leg braces that came equipped with a jet pack. Adam is still learning how to use them... without hurling himself into the ceiling.

The party gets an unexpected guest in the form of Lobo, who has returned to Krypton to enlist Seg's help in locating Brainiac. Seg will oblige, if Lobo helps him retrieve Jor-El. That will likely be difficult, as Brainiac has developed a fatherly affection for Jor-El.