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Episode Recap: Will to Power

The Rebels gain advantage against General Zod, as Seg goes head-to-head with Brianiac.


We're on Colu, which is ironic, because Adam and Seg are doing their damnedest to get off Colu. They're also on the run from a disgruntled Lobo, who wants to shred them like pulled pork and eat them… also like pulled pork. When Adam tells Seg/Brainiac that he won't be able to mercy kill him, Seg/Brainiac goes non compos mentis for a hot second.

He actually sucks up into his own mindspace, where the two (Seg and Brainiac) are separate and can talk shop. Brainiac wants to fuse ever more closely with Seg's system and steal precious biological resources. It's sort of a win-lose-lose situation, to which Seg's not too ready to agree.

When Seg comes out of the green mindspace, he emerges with a plan: He's going to exploit Brainiac's knowledge while the alien is inside his head, without giving up any of the goodies. Meanwhile, on Wegthor, Val and the rebels have intercepted a delivery of Sagitari breathing devices, among other items, and are getting prepared for a full-scale mobilization.

And Lyta-Zod is petitioning General Zod, aka her son, to go to Wegthor and quell the uprising before it gets any more Kryptonians killed. But General Zod doesn't want her to join the casualties in the process.  But he finally relents, and lets her ascend.

And Jayna-Zod has finished cleaning up the mess she made when she and Dev dispatched those Sagitari in the Outlands. She wants to know why Dev escaped from Kandor. He tells her that Lyta-Zod became General Zod's right hand woman, and he got disillusioned with the whole corrupt system of governance. This is all news to Jayna. And it ain't happy news, at that. After Dev runs away, Jayna finds him passed out in the snow, and brings him back to her little chalet to nurse him back to health and
heat. It's a moment.

Jax-Ur has an idea she wants to run by Val-El. If they can mobilize a small battalion of rebels, give them some of those oxygenators, and send them out to the next Kandor drop-off point and Top Site on Wegthor, they might be able to ambush both the incoming Sagitari and put an end to the deliveries all together. Let's see what happens.

Seg/Brainiac has led Adam to this underground lair, complete with a separation machine that can disentangle Seg from Brainiac, and vice versa, leaving Brainiac vulnerable and helpless. The machine features some of Brainiac's beloved tendrils, so you know whatever this involves is going to be interesting.

But when Lobo starts bellowing, Seg/Brainiac becomes Brainiac/Seg again, and enters fight mode. Brainiac summons Seg back to the mindspace, and questions him about what he's hiding from him (which is basically everything). Seg remains strong, so Brainiac has to pull out the cheap shots, and transform himself into... Lyta-Zod. This will eff with Seg's mind for sure.

After Adam kickstarts the separation machine (literally, he kicked it), and a tendril descends from the ceiling and hooks itself up to Seg/Brainiac's brainstem. That's just when Lobo descends into the lair as well, looking for revenge. He doesn't know that when Brainiac/Seg hooked up to the tendril machine, it activated a forcefield that can
amputate the limbs of anyone trying to enter. Sucks for him. But then again, Lobo doubles down on the forcefield, whips out his weapon, and decapitates himself in the head because he knows that now the rest f his body will regenerate inside the space with Adam and Seg. Gross but clever.

In the mindspace, Lyta/Brainiac is detaining Seg from overtaking Seg/Brainiac, and proceeding with the separation process. It's messing up the whole works. But Seg regains consciousness just in time, realizes that the illusion doesn't come close to the real thing, and puts an end to Brainiac/Lyta's shenanigans.

On Wegthor, Nyssa meets a woman she once had an affair with and who since has become a rebel. Nyssa reignites the spark. Of course, Nyssa used her ex-flame to gain access to her comms, so that she could snoop through the rebel's plans — the ones she's been kept in the dark about. Nyssa, up to her old tricks again.

Seg has returned to his senses, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Lobo regrew his body and was about to kill, maim, mutilate, and otherwise destroy Adam when Seg harnesses the power of Brainiac to send Lobo flying across the room with some telekinesis.

After that, separating from Brainiac is a cinch. Then it's a matter of activating the Zeta Beam, and Zeta Beaming the heck outta there! Leaving Lobo to do with Brainiac what he will. The Zeta Beam beams Adam and Seg to the Outlands. Seg dies a little bit in transit, but it's nothing that a little CPR can't fix — thankfully, Adam's from the future and has that knowledge. But there's no time to lose: they've got stuff to do!