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Krypton's Cameron Cuffe Talks Filming Season 2 Episode 1

Straight from the Kryptonian's mouth, the actor behind Seg-El talks CGI, leather jackets and the Phantom Zone.


This week we sat down with the man behind Seg-El to get his two cents on the return of the series, which prop was his favorite and what he'd do if he ever came face-to-face with Lobo, IRL. Check it out!

SYFY: Three things you absolutely LOVED about filming Episode 201?
Cameron Cuffe:
1.  Working with Emmett Scanlan!  What a wild ride.
2.  Really delving deeper into the Adam/Seg dynamic was a joy.
3.  The Phantom Zone.  Being one of the few actors to portray that part of DC mythology was an honour.
SYFY: If you could trade characters with anyone in this episode, who would you "stand in" for and why?
CC: Gosh, I feel so tied to Seg that it would feel like a betrayal to say anyone else!  He's always stuck by me so I have to stick by him.


SYFY: What was the most difficult scene to film in episode 201 and why? As an actor, how did you overcome this challenge?
CC: The Phantom Zone presented a lot of challenges.  It's an entirely CG environment so it's important to discuss with all the writers, artists and technicians what the final product will look like so you can judge what level you need to perform at.  "Krypton" has always been such a beautifully collaborative set to be on and that challenge was a real joy and I'm so amazed by the brilliant work done behind the camera.
SYFY: On a scale of 1 to lonely as heck, how hard was it to be hold up in the Phantom Zone in between Seasons?

CC: Madness.  Utter madness.  There was a beautiful direction in the script "Seg floats back and forth from feeling like he's just got here to feeling like he's always been here."  Playing that change in Seg was wonderful.

SYFY: Which costume or prop did you wish you could take home?

CC: My jacket.  It and I have been through so much together.


SYFY: Were you, Cameron Cuffe (not Seg-El), ever afraid of or creeped out by Brainiac? Asking because we may or may not still be having nightmares…
CC: Truthfully it's hard to be!  Blake is just the most tremendous actor and his performance is terrifying, but once the cameras stop rolling he's the loveliest guy!  I was so happy to spend more time with him this season.
SYFY: Fill in the blank. If I ever happened upon someone like Lobo in real life, I would_______
CC: Hope the end was quick.

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*This interview has been edited for length and/or clarity.