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Krypton’s Shaun Sipos Talks Filming Season 2 Episode 4

The actor behind Adam Strange talks taking an El name, Tempe, Arizona and time travel.


Check out our exclusive interview with Shaun Sipos (Adam Strange) where he talks, Wegthor's resemblence to Tempe, Arizona (we totally see it!), time traveling like a boss and his bromance with Seg-El. We also explore Season 2 Episode 5 and touch on Season 2 as a whole, because, ya know, why not?

SYFY:  Your character and Seg-El have such a cool friendship, what are your top 3 memories from filming Season 2 with Cam Cuffe?
Shaun Sipos: Top three memories from filming season two with Cameron were in this order:
1. We filmed a scene where Lobo was chasing us and we stop to see how far ahead we are (or aren’t) and for said scene we were fortunate enough to be able to film it in a way that was a nod of the proverbial hat to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which is both Cameron and I’s favorite film and two of our favorite actors of all time. So it was a beautiful moment and perhaps my favorite scene I’ve filmed on the show.

2. The scene in the outlands where I revive Seg.

3. There is a three person scene with myself, Seg and Kem where there’s some comedy that I thoroughly enjoyed.

SYFY: Besides Seg-El, who else is your favorite scene partner from Season 2?
SS: In Season 2 my favorite scene partners aside from Cameron were Rasmus Hardiker (Kem) and Emmett Scanlan (Lobo).


SYFY: What Earth City does Wegthor most remind you of?
SS: Wegthor reminds me of Tempe, Arizona.

SYFY: Who has the best beard in this episode? Seg, Val or Zod?
SS: Oooo... best beard? You know I’m going with Seg on this. Why even ask?! That’s my partner in crime.

Missing media item.

SYFY:  Did you ever forget your lines while filming Episode 4? If so, in which scene(s)? And how many times did you have to reshoot? … we don’t judge.
SS: Forgetting lines is part of the job. You wanna get better? You have to risk failing and sometimes (often many times) you’ll fail. As Samuel Beckett so wisely said “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

SYFY:  What was it like being reunited with Jax-Ur, since your character has a crush on her?
SS: For Adam, being “reunited” with Jax is titillating. As for me, Shaun, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Hannah and I get along great and love the dynamic between the two characters because Jax is such a hard ass but deep down we know she loves the attention.

SYFY: In this episode, Val said that you would have made a good El. If you had to make up a name for yourself, what would your El name be?
SS: A name? Holden Jaffe Todmiker-El.

SYFY: This episode reminded us how cool your Zeta Beam is. If you could use it to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
SS: If I had a Zeta Beam, why would I only choose ONE place?! I’d travel to them ALL.

See Shaun in action with his partner in crime, Cameron Cuffe, in this super cool scene from Season 2 Episode 1. Plus? You can catch Shaun in all-new episodes of Krypton every Wednesday at 10/9c!

*This interview has been edited for length and/or clarity.