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Looking for Leia
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Looking for Leia

Diverse female fans discuss what the Star Wars universe means to them.
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Looking For Leia Episode 107
Dec 30, 2019

Star Wars doc Looking for Leia director Annalise Ophelian is back! [Ep #115]

Dec 19, 2019

Looking For Leia will remind you why you're a Star Wars fan

Looking for Leia
Dec 16, 2019

SYFY WIRE acquires Looking for Leia docuseries

Looking for Leia — Seattle Pride Rebel Legion
Jul 9, 2018

Looking for Leia director Annalise Ophelian's exploration of Star Wars fandom could not be better timed [Ep #40]

May 4, 2018

Strong Female Characters #20: Delilah Dawson and Annalise Ophelian discuss Star Wars and female-fronted fandom

Porg Problems
Mar 23, 2018

Star Wars Weekly: New Forces of Destiny episodes and fans Look for Leia

Mar 22, 2018

Looking for Leia kicks off crowdfunding campaign for new docu-series format

Jun 12, 2017

Looking for Leia documentary finds community and connection in our differences

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