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Episode Recap: Blood Lines


After Dyson regains some of his strength following Saskia's assault, he realizes he can't go another minute without coming clean to Bo. He tells her that Saskia, whose real name is Aoife, is her mother, and that he's known for a long time, but kept the secret in service to Trick. Bo storms to the Dal Riata, where Trick abashedly tells Bo the full story: Long ago, when Fae war was constant, Trick was king and longed for peace. As a Blood Sage, Trick has the power to create future events by writing them out in his own blood, and this he did to ensure peace between the Light and the Dark.

But Aoife broke the peace, and when she asked Trick to shelter her, he refused, knowing his sanctuary would plunge the world into war again. He turned Aoife over to the Dark, whose king used her as a plaything for years. Trick has never forgiven himself, and neither has Aoife. She has been plotting against him ever since, and it seems now is her time to strike: A Light Fae elder was just found dead, a spark that could start a war.

Trick and Dyson try to convince Bo to flee town, but having just located her mother after a grueling search, she knows she must stay and find answers. She goes to Lauren for help on how to defend herself, and when she returns home, there's Aoife, playing Good Mommy and baking cookies. Bo begins asking questions and helps herself to the baked goods, but Aoife baked a drug into them. Bo passes out and wakes up at Aoife's mansion, surrounded by her chi slaves. She hears Aoife's side of the story and has sympathy for her, but when Aoife tells of her plans to take down the hierarchy of Light and Dark through force and assassination, Bo wants no part of it, and has to fight her way out of Aoife's lair. She injures herself escaping the man slaves, but gets away and heals up in Dyson's arms.

Dyson begs forgiveness for keeping secrets, but Bo can only promise him that, after she fights this battle on her own, they can talk. Since Dyson sees the futility of trying to change Bo's mind, he seeks outside help: A Fae Ancient called The Norn, who can grant almost any wish, but asks a very dear price in return.

Kenzi and Bo find Lauren, who is struggling to treat the Ash and the Fae elders who were wounded in an attack perpetrated by one of Aoife's thralls. All she can do is tell them to use the distraction of carnage to crack into the Light's vault of artifacts, find an amulet that keeps the wearer's chi bound to their body, and use it to fight Aoife. Bo ditches Kenzi in order to keep her safe, but Kenzi can't sit still. She rushes to Trick and demands that he use his blood to protect Bo.

Bo has found Aoife and demands that she call off her rampage, but Aoife won't listen and the two attack each other. At that moment, Dyson strikes a deal with The Norn to send his energy to Bo, and with this force, she is able to overpower Aoife. Yet, dangling from a balcony with only Bo's hand to hold onto, Aoife still won't relent her quest for power - until Trick makes a sacrifice and writes the future in his blood. Aoife makes a miraculous transformation. She begs Bo's forgiveness, pleads with her to ask Trick for the rest of the answers, then drops to the ground. But when Bo goes to see where she fell, there's no trace of her mother - only a small pool of blood.

And The Norn has taken more than was offered - Dyson was willing to give his very essence, his wolf nature, in exchange for helping Bo, but The Norn took something even dearer: His love for Bo. Now, Dyson has lost the connection that he held most dear, and will never feel the same for Bo again.