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Episode Recap: Dead Lucky


Kenzi is doing her best to earn a little cash via the P.I. business, but when Bo doesn't show up, the client gets offended that she's been pawned off on "the assistant." Kenzi wants to ream Bo for leaving her in the lurch, but when she hears Bo's excuse - she was abducted and taken to a secret meeting with a member of the Dark Fae - Kenzi relents.

Bo tells Kenzi about her night - after meeting with Dyson for some "healing," she was scooped off the street and hustled to a dim sum shop where Mayer, a Fae who feeds off of human luck, lured her into helping him by offering her a meeting with his niece, Cassie, an oracle who can tell her about her origin. Mayer is a bookie in the human world, and after draining all of the luck from one of his regular clients, the man still managed to win big. This snafu leaves Mayer two hundred grand short on his payout to The Morrigan, head of the Dark Fae, which is why he needs Bo: she can enter light or dark territories and find out who fixed his client up with such powers.

Kenzi and Bo soon discover that the client, Roger, has been dead for two days, meaning that someone possessed his body in order to bring Mayer down. Dyson brings Bo to such a Fae, a Hsien, or Body Jumper, named Eddie who tells them that a Dark Hsien named Lucas is in town, and could've been involved. Bo delivers the news to Mayer, who suspects that his rival, Jesper, might be in the driver's seat. Mayer sends them to a backroom poker joint run by Jesper. Kenzi and Bo suit up and head out, but while they investigate what turns out to be a dead end, Lucas has found and killed Eddie.

Bo and Dyson rush to the scene of the crime, and narrowly manage to get the body-snatching Lucas on his knees. He finally tells them that he's working for Mayer's nephew, Seymour, who was fed up with being treated like a dog. Mayer takes the news with relative grace - he'll hide his nephew somewhere safe so the Dark Fae can't get him. 

Kenzi, who had had it in for Dyson because of how he treated Bo, makes peace with him when she sees how often he's willing to let Bo drain his energy for healing purposes. As for Bo, she gets her time with the Oracle, who tells her that her mother is alive, and coming for her.