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Episode Recap: (Dis)Members Only


Bo and Dyson, currently in a smooth patch, were going to take a weekend away from the hustle and bustle, but when Kenzi's friend, Neville, comes to them for help finding his missing cousin, Thumper, they can't turn their backs on him.

Neville works at Queensdale Country Club, a site known to hire illegal immigrants. Thumper disappeared from work one day, so Kenzi goes undercover as a waitress, while Bo and Dyson pose as a married couple in order to gain membership.

Hale discovers that the club has had many employees disappear over the years, all of them illegal, and all of them with three disciplinary strikes against them. He also learns that each club member saw a huge bump in their personal finances immediately after joining. Bo and Dyson plan to head to a members-only party to dig up some dirt, but Saskia drops by before they leave, attempting to get Bo to come party with her. Bo brushes the dark succubus off, but not before Saskia has had a good look at Dyson.

Turns out the party is less wine and dine, more swing and swap. Dyson is immediately uncomfortable with other men fondling and ogling Bo, and hastily excuses them from the event. At home, Bo rails at him for blowing a chance to find out more about the case, but Dyson protests that he cares too much about Bo to see her with anyone else. Bo is still mad about his methods, but cheered by his reasoning. Dyson's new intimacy with Bo pushes Dyson to give Trick an ultimatum: He has one day to tell Bo about her origins, or Dyson will do it himself.

The next day, Bo and Dyson poke around the grounds and find a stinking cesspool - and in it, a hat belonging to a club member who recently went missing. They take a sample to Hale for analysis, and he finds DNA not only of the missing member and Neville's cousin, but also trace amounts of Fae: A Land White, a creature that lives in harmony with a piece of land, but must eat some of its inhabitants in order to stay healthy. It brings great prosperity to all who eat the food that grows there, but should the Land White die, any affected will plummet in their fortunes.

Bo shares this news with Kenzi, who's now certain that she will be the next human sacrifice, and the two go searching for the White, who is able to take the shape of a human. Bo bumps into the groundskeeper and is sure it's him, but he tells her he has been trying to warn employees for months. Kenzi has rushed to the kitchen to warn people to stop eating the food, but the real White is the chef, and she wraps her tendrils around Kenzi in preparation for a good meal. Just then, Bo and the groundskeeper charge in, armed with herbicide. The groundskeeper has suitable mob behind him, and they take down the White as Bo and Kenzi flee.

Since it appears to be a simple case of human-on-Fae violence, the Dark won't suspect Bo's hand in the matter. Dyson asks Trick if he's told Bo the critical information, but he dodges the subject, so Dyson calls Bo and tells her to meet him at the station for an important talk. But when Bo arrives, she finds her love locked in a sexual embrace with Saskia, drained of nearly every drop of his chi. She knocks Saskia away and warns her never to come back, then curves over Dyson and attempts to reverse the succubus process and breathe life back into him. She's able to revive him, but Saskia has done much harm.