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Episode Recap: Fae Day


It's La Shoshain, the holiest of Fae holidays, when all Fae, Light and Dark, put aside their animosities and celebrate together to commemorate the legendary Blood King. No violence may be used today, and Fae of warring clans not only lay down their arms, but may lay down together. Bo has even set aside her differences with the Fae world to drink in good company. Trick's bar is bustling with jubilation when the harp player stops suddenly and lets out an unearthly wail.

Trick explains to the bewildered Bo and Kenzi that the woman was a banshee, and her cry foretells the death of a member of the Five Families. The only way to find out which member it is, is to force the information from the banshee. Dyson accompanies Bo, always seeming as though he's keeping a secret, and they learn that the doomed man's name is Sean Cavanaugh. Kenzi has accidentally cozied up to Sean, unwitting of his fate, and her loyalty kicks in to demand that he make and complete a bucket list. First up: Reconciliation with his brother.

Bo is the only Fae not aligned with Light or Dark, and she is the only one who can seek out Sean's brother. But when they find Liam, a member of the Dark Fae, he tells Bo that the betrayal worked the other way around, which is why Liam took a hit out on Sean.

Bo, Kenzi and Dyson interview Sean at the house, where he spills the whole story: Liam stole $30,000 from a firm represented by the family, and Sean couldn't stand the dishonesty and reported him. Just then, they must fight off a goblin attack (goblins are not beholden to the laws of La Shoshain) and hurry to get Sean and Liam in the same room.

The meeting is volatile, but when Bo invokes Agallamh, the whole room falls silent. Agallamh is a rule that demands all parties discuss rather than fight, but unbeknownst to Bo, the invoker of Agallamh forfeits her life if peace is not attained. She seek's Trick's help and sets up the meeting, but it looks as if neither brother is willing to admit fault.

Just then, Kenzi realizes that their father, whom she met when Sean went to say goodbye, has a gambling problem and may be the one who stole the money. Bo stalls for time while Kenzi brings him to the Agallamh , and gets him to admit he did it to cover up his addiction and save the family name. Kenzi thinks she may have saved Sean's life, but as the reconciled brothers walk away, a human, burned by Liam's evil financial finagling, shoots at Liam, and Sean leaps in front of the bullet. Peace has been achieved, but a banshee's wail is never wrong.

Dyson and Trick discuss the ordeal, and the former asks the latter if he would have used his own blood to save Bo, had it come to that. Trick is silent until Dyson toasts to him, the Blood King, evoking a grumble and curse from the secret regent.