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Episode Recap: Faetal Justice


A bloody, half-dressed Dyson stumbles into the Dal Riata and calls for sanctuary, which Trick readily gives, but since three witnesses saw Dyson threaten a Dark Fae named Ba'al in a bar owned by the nefarious Vex, and the bite marks on Ba'al match those of a wolf like Dyson, keeping the sanctuary safe from both The Morrigan and The Ash will be a battle.

Bo rushes to help, certain of Dyson's innocence, but since Dyson can't remember anything from the evening, she and Kenzi have no choice but to head to Vex's club. The bartender, Silas, adds to the burden of proof by stating that Dyson and Ba'al had a longstanding beef. Kenzi befriends the third witness, a human named Portia, and, taking pity on the girl, lets her crash on the couch for the night. But when Kenzi sees nasty scars on the girl's back, and Portia has no memory of how they got there, Kenzi realizes that whoever messed with Dyson's memory is messing with others, as well.

Bo learns that Dyson received a call just before leaving work on the night in question, and Hale is able to trace it to an art dealer who, under Bo's succubus powers, reveals that he was a regular at the club's underground S&M dungeon, and had called the cops to report the murder of one of the girls who worked there. Relaying this information to Hale, the two learn that the girl in question was Light Fae.

Dyson's friends soon realize that Portia was part of the S&M dungeon, probably without her awareness or consent. When Bo sees a bracelet on the girl's wrist, taken from Silas, she recognizes the writing of the Lycanthrope clan to which Dyson belongs. It appears they have another wolf-shifter on their hands, but why would Silas set Dyson up?

They return to the club and discover Portia, semi-conscious and waiting in one of the playrooms. When she insists that Silas will always make sure she's safe, Kenzi and Bo understand why Silas arranged this complicated scheme to kill Ba'al: For love. He couldn't stand to see Portia die like the other toys Vex and his crew manipulated, so he took the murderer out of the equation, using Fae cocktails to manipulate memories.

Dyson's lycan instincts force him out of the Dal and on the hunt. Unbeknownst to Bo, Dyson tracks down Vex at the club and demands the name of Ba'al's kiler, but the Dark crew overpower him, and commence torture in order to siphon off information about Bo and her origins. Just as The Morrigan is about to finish Dyson off for withholding his secrets, Bo and Kenzi burst in.

They get the drop on The Morrigan and her crew, and let them know all the juicy details about Ba'al's real killer, but it's Bo's mention of the Light Fae girl killed in the dungeon that stuns the Dark Fae leader into submission. Bo has already informed Hale about the murder of the Light Fae. If The Morrigan hurts Dyson or his allies, Hale will go public with the murder, and war between Light and Dark will certainly arrive.

Once they're back at the Dal, Dyson can't thank Bo enough, and the two realize that they mean much more to each other than either was willing to admit. Trick, glad to have his chief ally and good friend safe, turns a blind eye to their affection.