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Episode Recap: The Mourning After


When a sweetgirl named Allison meets a great guy after speed dating one night, she invites him home, but upon waking up alone, she's filled with shame. After scrawling words like, "whore, slut, dirty" on the wall, she draws a bath, steps into it, and holds a hairdryer under the water.

It seems a clear-cut suicide, but Allison's sister, Collette, can't believe that could be true. Bo and Kenzi take on the case, but since Dyson's hands are tied by his cover job and Lauren's still too awkward to be any help, the two girls are on their own. That is, until they are knocked off the trail by a very angry Succubus named Saskia, who demands to know why Bo is hunting on her turf.

Bo explains her position, trying to make working for a living sound as cool as possible to a woman who has everything handed to her, and eventually Saskia not only backs off, but also agrees to take Bo under her wing and teach her the advanced techniques of Succubus powers. She also offers to help with the suicide case, but this is too much for Kenzi. With someone else crowding her BFF, Kenzi decides to give the two super-lovers some space, and heads to Trick's bar.

Turns out Kenzi's timing is perfect: Trick needs help talking to a type of Fae called a Lightening Bird that will only show herself to human women. One of her eggs will help Trick find a magical coin that's been lost, and is due to a friend of his the next day. Kenzi does her part and secures the egg, but in the process, she hears a hint of Trick's true identity as the Blood King. She won't lord it over him, but she makes it clear that she knows Trick has a pretty good secret to keep. And good news regarding the coin: Trick's "friend" stole it, and when the egg points out the truth, the coin remains Trick's indefinitely. 

And when Saskia and Bo show up for their meeting with Collette, they find the woman dead, with the same scrawled-out words her sister had written on the walls around her. Saskia sees in them the mark of an Albaster, a Fae that feeds on human sexual shame and the Succubus's deadly enemy. They revisit the bar, but finding no leads, return to their respective homes to think it over. Bo, however, finds that she has a visitor: The manager from the speed dating events that Allison frequented. As he approaches and his eyes glow a deadly blue, Bo realizes that this man, Bertram, is the Albaster. He killed Collette to keep her from digging any deeper, and now he's going to kill Bo - or would have, if Saskia hadn't shown up just then. 

Saskia incapacitates the Albaster, then the two Succubi tie him to a chair and get the truth out of him. Bo is about to call Dyson for help, but Saskia sucks the man's energy right out of him. Bo is terrified that Saskia would be so violent, but she insists that she was only trying to keep Bo safe. This move has killed the friendship, at least for now, and Bo runs back to the reliable confidences of Kenzi. Bo is grateful for her steady friend, but knows she's lost something precious and powerful in Saskia, and feels a great ache without the mentorship and confidence that Saskia could have provided.