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Episode Recap: Where There's a Will, There's a Fae


Just as Bo and Kenzi are settling in to their new, permanent home, they get a surprise visitor - a Will o' the Wisp who wants Bo's help getting his coveted collection of gems back from a thieving human. The Wisp - just call him Will - heard about Bo's triumphal win in her Fae test, and figures if anybody can catch this guy, it's Bo. Bo doesn't want to attract any attention from the Fae, so she's ready to turn him out, but Will snags her interest by offering info on her real parents - an offer Bo can't refuse. The only lead Will can offer is the human's backpack which contains, among other things, a gun.

Bo and Kenzi head to the police station to enlist Dyson's help in finding out who it's registered to. Dyson warns Bo against getting involved, telling her that she'd face dangers beyond her imagining, but she must know about her history. Dyson gives her the name of the gun's owner - Michael Connell - and eventually they track him down to a motel on the outskirts of town. Bo approaches him, hoping to covertly find the gems, but Connell is on to her and draws a gun. He wants Bo to lead him to Will - his father.

As Bo recovers from the shock that Connell is Will's half-Fae son, she and Connell are interrupted by a headless Fae assassin. With Kenzie's help, Bo manages to fell the murderer and get Connell to safety. Connell, who only wants to meet his father, says he'll return the jewels if Bo can set up a meeting. Will is floored by the news that he has a son, and apprehensively agrees to meet.

In the meantime, Bo needs to get a handle on her hunger, and tracks down Lauren, the human doctor working for the Light Fae. Bo convinces her to administer a treatment that will lessen Bo's desire, but Lauren warns Bo that, under this treatment, she'll lose her superhuman ability to heal. Bo signs on willingly.

Deep in the warehouse district, father meets son for the first time, but Connell changes the game when he announces his intention to tell the world the truth about Fae. His mother went crazy trying to get people to believe her about Connell's father, and now it's time for the son to clear his mother's name. Before anyone can try to talk him out of it, another headless assassin arrives, sent by Will before he knew the truth of Connell's origin. Kenzi gets the drop on him by finding his disembodied head and throwing it into one of Will's fairy fires, but not before Bo endures a deep slash on her neck.

Kenzi tries to help, but Bo knows there's only one way for her to heal. She has to see Dyson and feel his energy. But, since her normal healing powers are stunted by Lauren's remedy, a normal succubus kiss won't do. The only thing that can mend Bo's wound is a lover's embrace.