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Episode Recap: Barometz. Trick. Pressure.


Bo is furious when Lauren, leaving for a vacation with Nadia, tells her that she's renewed her vow of fealty to The Ash in gratitude for saving her girlfriend's life. In payment for his deceit and manipulation, Bo decides to invade The Ash's compound and give him a good whuppin'. She'll have to go alone since Kenzi is spending the evening with her new man, who asks her to go on tour with him - and she says yes.

But Trick's plans for the night - to inhale a freaky intoxicant called barometz and foresee the future by the light of the rare Blood Moon - require peace, and he begs Bo not to go. He has to divine whatever evil the Nain Rouge predicted so that they can all prepare for it. The barometz can cause severe bleeding, so Bo procures a ring for Trick that will staunch any outflow while Hale and Dyson accompany Trick to his old friend, a truth finder named Wei Lin, to get the barometz. Lin demands honesty as payment for the barometz, and in the process gets Dyson to admit that he can't love Ciara.

Once Trick is strapped in to the breathing device with the ring firmly on his finger, Bo finds her way into The Ash's council room. She breaks open the trunk behind his desk to find four heads that look exactly like Lachlyn. He discovers her there and they fight, Lachlyn taunting Bo about her mother's dark origins the while. Bo channels her rage and bests Lachlyn, but Bo never wanted to kill the man. She tells him that she believes he is the evil of which the Nain Rouge spoke, and the mention of that name nearly stops Lachlyn's heart.

Trick is caught in a vision of his dead wife, who tells him that ending the Fae war unleashed the evil now headed towards him, and it can only be stopped if he bleeds again. He begins to cut open his palm, and in the real world a line of blood appears on his hand, but is sealed up by the his ring. He realizes that this is not his wife, and she disappears with a shriek. From cover nearby, a Garuda, mortal enemy of the snake race Naga, appears, and curses Trick for ending the rage and fear of war on which the Garuda feed. Now that Trick has bled - once to save Bo from her mother, and once at the hallucination's trickery - the Garuda will find him and destroy all that he is and holds dear.

A momentary peace reached, Lachlyn tells Bo that the heads in the trunk are his brothers', the last Naga, and that he has spent hundreds of years hunting the Garuda, which he knows are on their way to destroy the Fae. He has been testing her, since she has the unique abilities required to lead the Fae into battle against the Garuda, and now that he can trust her, Lachlyn asks Bo to be his champion. She trusts him - just enough - and agrees.

In Trick's quarters, Dyson and Hale see Trick in distress and try to wrest the breathing device from him, but it won't budge. They pull desperately at the machine, which comes apart and knocks them all unconscious as the Garuda take the scent of Trick's blood and track it as fast as they can. The evil will soon be upon them.