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Episode Recap: Fae-nted Love


Bo needs toheal, and the only person she can call is Ryan. Their sessions are always passionate, but something's different about Ryan's afterglow this time. Not in the mood for sweet nothings, Bo kicks his cuddly ass to the curb.

The next day, she doesn't have long to ponder why Ryan's sending so many lavish gifts, because Kenzi's street contact is asking them to save his granny from the grips of a charismatic preacher. At the makeshift church, Bo gets splashed with some crazy water and instantly forgets everything. Kenzi rushes to Trick, who tells her that Bo's affliction sounds like a water Fae called an adunk. The adunk charms water, and whoever is splashed with it often forgets who they are, only to imprint on the first person who's kind to them.

It looks like that first person might be Ryan, whose obsession with Bo has only been growing. He locates her and convinces her that they are in a serious relationship. He proposes marriage and sweeps her away to a romantic, secluded spot. But while she's trying on obscenely fancy dresses, her doe-eyed demeanor starts to drop. She remembers traces of Trick and Kenzi, and finds herself powerfully attracted to the tailor. She tells Ryan she can't marry him if she feels this way, but he wants her so badly that he drugs her and calls the preacher, instructing him to "baptize" her again - for good, this time.

Kenzi and Trick find the antidote – a funky-smelling water – along with a slip of paper with an address and a private jet license number. They race to the location, where Bo is about to exchange rings with Ryan. Kenzi goes after Ryan while Trick gets Bo to drink the water. Trick then performs a strange ritual with Kenzi's blood poured over Ryan's unconscious body. He revives, not knowing what he's doing in a church with Bo in a white dress, and the former lovers amicably agree never to see each other again.

Dyson has been dodging calls from Kenzi and Trick, ostensibly because he's busy interrogating a prisoner at the behest of The Ash, but as the underfae prisoner points out, Dyson fears anyone relying on him and avoids all deep friendships. Though Dyson gets the confession he's been sent for, the underfae gets under his skin by pointing out all disease in his personal life.

Bo sensed that something was different about her experience with Ryan – he was as enthralled with her as Ifa's former love slaves were with their mistress. Bo thinks it has something to do with the fact that she bled on Ryan, but when Trick asks if Bo is looking for specific information, she tells him that though she's not ready to hear it until after the Garuda fight, when the time comes, she wants the truth.