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Episode Recap: Flesh and Blood


Bo's got a lot on her mind. She isn't sure that she can keep Lachlan's venom viable …and she's not sure that she can defeat The Garuda either. But before she can fall into self pity, Bo receives a distress call from Trick. He needs her - and the cane sword he gifted her - to help him take down The Garuda. Trick explains that the sword contains the essence of his late wife, Isabeau, Bo's grandmother and namesake, inside it. He further explains that the life essence can be used to save Bo once she uses her blood to bind the team - Kenzi, Hale, Dyson and Vex - to her so that The Garuda can't manipulate them against one another. But there's a caveat - there's always at least one, right? …Trick warns that the blood bond her mother once created is what caused her downfall and he doesn't want the same thing to happen to Bo. No pressure.

Later, Trick is captured by a mysterious smoke which Bo finds out is a type of UnderFae working for The Garuda. With Trick now a hostage of The Garuda, Bo and the team kick their asses in gear. Lauren administer's Bo's blood to everyone but unbeknownst to them Vex tricks everyone into thinking he took the injection, but he doesn't. Hmmm… Meanwhile, Kenzie cracks the code to the encrypted notes Trick left behind to find out where The Garuda is hiding out. They've been hiding at an abandoned insane asylum. How fitting.

When the group arrives the battle is not long underway when Vex breaks his arm and Lauren has to stay with him. Kenzi is seriously wounded also and Hale uses his Siren power to cauterize her wound. Once Lauren realizes that Vex didn't take the injection, she forces him to so that the team can stay bonded. Meanwhile The Garuda has taken over Trick's body as they plan to reverse the Blood Laws and ignite The Great War again. Vex uses his Mesmer power to stop them in their tracks giving Bo enough time to inject Lachlan's venom into Trick's body. This forces The Garuda out of Tricks body and kills The Garuda AND Trick! Noooooo! Thinking quick on her feet Bo uses the essence of life to save Trick - rather saving it for herself - and a few moments later he returns to life. But then - because Lost Girl loves a cliffhanger - Bo begins to transform into her dark persona. Kenzi works to unbind the group so they can save Bo and themselves. Kenzi cuts her hand, grabs hold of Hale's hand and enacts the spell, "With harm to none, thy will be done, thou cannot harm them, Bo!" And it works! *sigh of relief*

Back at The Dal, the gang celebrates their victory over defeating The Garuda. The celebration is short lived as Trick doesn't seem to be completely himself and the strange burn on Kenzi's arm is causing her discomfort. When Bo goes to check on Kenzi, Bo catches her own reflection in a mirror and notices that her eyes are sparkling. Upon taking a closer look we see Bo staring at herself in the mirror with a downright wicked smile on her face. Uh oh…