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Episode Recap: Masks


Kenzi is planning a surprise party for Bo, but the birthday girl has a surprise of her own: She's leaving for Africa at the request of The Ash, who has found the Dark Fae Shaman that cursed Lauren's girlfriend, Nadia. He tells Bo that the nature of removing a cursing nail demands selfless effort, so if she tells Lauren what she's up to, the request won't work.

The Ash arranges for a teleportation trip to Congo to the hut of the Shaman, who lies dying. He finds Nadia's nail, but tells Bo that nothing is done for free. In order to have the power to break the curse, Bo must return with a healing mask that was recently stolen by a Fae called a preta. Bo returns home to consult with Trick, who tells her that if she's going after a preta, she better bring backup. Dyson, who has never heard of anyone going up against a preta and winning, is intrigued, and naturally comes along.

They teleport to Madagascar, but they don't have to search long: the preta knows they're coming. His lair is filled with treasures that he cannot touch. Once he has stolen something and brought it to his lair, a second touch will turn the item to sand, and the sand retains the same destructive qualities as his hands. 

Trick knew the preta wouldn't relinquish the mask without a trade, so he gave Bo a bracelet that once belonged to his wife. Though Bo is loathe to give up something that means so much to Trick, the stakes are literally life or death. The preta accepts the trade, but places a challenge before Bo: she must maneuver her way through pyramids of sand, relics of former challengers, to get the mask. If she brushes against any of these piles, she, too, will turn to sand.

Dyson finds a piece of cloth made of the same material as the preta's cloak, and tosses it to Bo. This enrages the preta and he opens the door, letting in a breeze that sets the sand swirling. Dyson begins hurling objects at the preta, trying to get between him and the door, but the preta merely has to hold out his hands to turn the thing to dust. Finally, Dyson finds something so precious that the preta has to dodge it to avoid destroying it, but in so doing, he falls on a heap of treasures, including Trick's bracelet, and pulverizes them all. Dyson closes the door and Bo retrieves the mask. Before they leave the lair, Bo uses the protective cloth to scoop up some of the atomizing sand. She wants to bring some vestige of the bracelet back to Trick.

But before going home, Bo must take the mask to the shaman. He accepts her payment and chants an incantation that allows her the power to remove the nail. As she wrests it from the post, Nadia wakes from five years of sleep as if nothing had happened, and Lauren renews her vow of fealty to The Ash. Before Bo leaves, she pours the sand on the shaman's cursing nails, keeping him from ever harming anyone else.

Bo walks through her front door to a loud, "SURPRISE!" She is grateful to Kenzi, though the couples around her make her blue. Dyson and Ciara, Lauren and the newly risen Nadia, even Kenzi and her childhood crush are paired off while Bo sits alone. Friends give her weapon after weapon, but a mysterious stranger gives her a bracelet with an inscription she can't read. She places it on her wrist, and the man disappears.