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Episode Recap: Mirror, Mirror


Bo can't seem to get over Dyson, but he is having no trouble getting under a few cute waitresses. Bo puts on a brave face, and even declines Kenzi's playful offers to put a hex on the ex's wolf junk. But when the two attempt to drink away the pain, Kenzi's judgment gets soft and she invokes the wicked witch of her childhood nightmares: Baba Yaga. Old wives used to scare their children with tales of Baba Yaga, saying that she would abduct naughty girls to her house of bones, but help those who invoked her, if their feelings were passionate enough.

When Bo wakes up after their night of revelry, a nasty headache isn't the only pain she feels: she has a strange mark on her hip, which Trick identifies as the symbol of Baba Yaga. Kenzi is shocked that the witch actually exists, but when Dyson stumbles in, bearing the same mark as Bo and pursued by women who hate him, she needs no more convincing.

Kenzi regrets her actions and begs for Trick's help, but he tells her that Yaga lives in a realm unto herself, and he is unable to tread there. For once, Kenzi might have a resource that the Fae world doesn't: her auntie, Ludmila. Bo knew Kenzi wasn't tight with her family, but when she meets Aunty Mila, she learns that Kenzi's stepfather was a true nightmare. But enough about family – they have a curse to lift! After some succu-tastic persuasion, Ludmila performs the rite to contact Baba Yaga. The witch agrees to lift the curse, but her price is to haul Kenzi into her realm.

Bo panics, thinking that she might lose her best friend. In a desperate move, Bo asks The Ash to get her to Yaga's world – she even offers to freelance for The Light in return. Lachlyn accepts, and Dyson helps usher Bo through Yaga's portal by holding her under ice water until she passes out. The sadomasochism of their relationship continues, even after their relationship is over.

Bo lands in Yaga's house not a moment too soon – Yaga has just feasted on one of the girls she's been keeping in servitude for centuries, and Kenzi made the hit list by trying to escape. Bo's powers don't work under Yaga's sovereignty, and Kenzi only narrowly saves their lives by convincing Yaga that she can tame the unruly beast she keeps to guard an unknown treasure. She demands that Yaga fetch her various rare objects, and with the time she's bought, she unlocks the treasure chest to reveal a small mirror. It's the portal home, and Yaga's way of harvesting young girls.

Yaga is terrified that Kenzi has the mirror and agrees to let her and Bo go free, but Kenzi does her one better. She smashes the mirror on the ground and, handing the shards out to the imprisoned girls, tells them to look in it and think of home. Yaga's beast attacks his owner, giving Kenzi and Bo a chance to escape to their own world, but will Yaga forget a burn like this, or will she forever seek vengeance on the two of them?