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Episode Recap: Original Skin


Kenzi gets Bo out of her moping over Dyson's new romance with Ciara by taking her to the Dal, but when they arrive, the place is empty, save for Dyson and Hale. Lauren arrives, needing to speak to Trick, and still unable to talk to Bo about their recent kiss. Bo tries to broach the "let's be friends" talk with Dyson moments before Ciara, none too happy to see her man and his ex chatting with one another, but they don't have time to talk it all out, because in walks a bounty hunter named Woods who tells them that a mental patient named Raynard is somewhere on the premises. He's stolen a syringe full of gorgon blood, though Woods doesn't know why. Bo has never been more relieved to have her life in imminent danger.

Dyson tracks Raynard's scent to the keg room, where his unconscious body is lying next to the syringe that he's injected into the beer that everyone but Trick has been drinking. This means that Raynard will now be able to transfer his consciousness into the body of anyone there, and before long it's clear that he's chosen Bo.

Bo awakes to find herself alone in a room with the Nain Rouge, who tells her that they are in purgatory, and informs her that, unless she plays her part in Destiny's plan, all Fae will be exterminated forever. Bo is incredulous until the Nain shares a vision: Bo killing Trick. The Nain then offers her guidance back into the real world, but Bo chooses the wrong portal and winds up in Wood's body. Everyone shifts bodies, and Raynard lands in Lauren, this time. 

The shifted minds still feel the passions of their host bodies, so when Woods, in Bo, gets hungry and sucks nearly all the life out of Ciara, Raynard (in Lauren) uses the distraction to escape. Woods can't pursue, however, since he's put a binding spell around the Dal that locks all Fae in - only humans can slip past. Bo realizes that Raynard will be capitalizing on Lauren's deepest desire, to kill Lachlyn, and the only person who can slip through the binding spell, save Lachlyn from Raynard (in Lauren) and get them all to their right bodies is Dyson, in the person of Kenzi.

He/she manages to slip into the Ash's compound just as Raynard is about to off Lachlyn, and triggers a secret security system that eliminates any threats to The Ash. Raynard falls to the ground and returns to captivity, and a Fae war is delayed again. Lauren, of course, is in heaps of trouble for getting mixed up in such dark business, but Lachlyn is more concerned with keeping his most important secret: his own, severed head, locked up in a box in his throne room.

Bo is able to breathe Ciara's chi back into her body, and all tension between the two women is dispelled. After her sojourn in Dyson's body, Kenzi tells Bo that she has no reason to be jealous of Ciara's position. A deep space still lingers in Dyson's heart where Bo used to be.